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  1. Will Ark run smoothly (60 fps) On my pc? I am planning on playing on high to medium settings.
  2. Hello survivors! Upon our release of extinction we have decided to hand ingame assistance meshing, rollbacks, duping, etc to the wonderful people at Snail Games once the extinction servers roll out. Doing this will allow is to focus on more content as dealing with our terrible mechanics has set us back on ARK: tetris, Sea of ARK, clash of ARK and ARK: Battle Royale! *Extinction servers turn into TEAS playground*
  3. Kinda disappointed, the first picture shows the two creatures I was looking forward to but looking at them closely you can tell its just an argy and a rockdrake with different skins... the same tail feathers, and chest as the old argy with a smaller head on the owl. And for the dragon on the bottom left he has the same body shape and stance as a rock drake mid run. To me they look poorly designed and recycled
  4. Wow, It looks like a along explanation but no solution.. So what is supposed to happen, why not let us put our own mesh defenses for now if you won't fix the problem, you won't roll back the servers for being mesh wiped, offering a pillbox as compensation for a 100 heavy turret base isn't very helpful. The only way to get rid of meshers is submitting a ticket and catching them but I've seen tickets being submitted with no answers for a while. Makes me all the more excited for BO4 xdddd
  5. We look forward to sharing more ?? ??? ?????? ????? as we work towards our Extinction release! You mean November 9, right?
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA I guess the only excuse they have for a tek parasaur is because the company name is WILDCARD XDDDDDDDDDDD you never know what they are gonna do next! . Honestly I think they released it because there was already a tek parasaur skin. It looks like they are just doing enough to get by and keep their promises, not pleasing players
  7. Looks like the extinction version of a Rock drake It looks like a wolfs head with a basilisks body and seekers wings. I would say it lives in water if it wasn't for the claws. The wings also look like they don't belong on the creature, if you look at them closely they don't have any fur and it kinda makes you wonder about two creatures merging...
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