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  1. EpicSyringe

    The Rusty Inn is on it's way!!!

    Yeah definitely Im all for helping if you guys need it on Xbox servers, and wish you guys the best of luck.
  2. EpicSyringe

    RP Server/Community

    Seems pretty cool. What platform are you guys on?
  3. EpicSyringe

    The Rusty Inn is on it's way!!!

    I personally have seen your hotels on Rust, and I've always thought you guys were awesome. However, I will point out two things that have been stated that should be addressed. 1. Definitely start out in a PvE server, or servers, depending how many players you have at your disposal. Perhaps a cluster maybe would work out the best. 2. If you are going to build in a PvP server, supplying equipment for raids isn't like how it is in Rust. It requires Dinos. Specifically Dinos that have been bred for raiding. Good equipment that can honestly only be crafted. And enough to supply all of that, to however many players it would take to raid whoever is harrassing you. Keep in mind harassment is an understatement, for if you do say, get to a point where you could supply the equipment for any potential raid. You are more than likely not getting simply harrassed, but completely raised. Furthermore, I would think that instead of being harrassed, or raided. You're more immediate problem with your proposal is the threat of consistently being insided by your 'guests'. Taking away from your resources, Dinos, equipment, defenses, and anything and everything else you may have to offer. Now... putting all that aside. I still love the idea, because I have seen you guys work on Rust. I think it's a very cheap, and appreciated way to get more people playing. We can repopulate dying servers. And build a better community as a whole from it that doesn't shy away from newer players and new ideas like a disease. Its just going to be a hurdle. One I hope you all make, (And wish I could help but I'm a solo player), and wish you best of luck on it! Please let me know if I missed any other key points to this. - Epic