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  1. cmyers1

    Need two tribes gone

    I would play pve...but the servers lag so bad its better to play pvp. Just would like to find a pvp server you dont get trolled on so bad. If youre a higher level large tribe it makes no sense to troll the little guy. Go after another big tribe.
  2. cmyers1

    End of Dayz Ragnarok 4X PVP Server

    Whats the server information?
  3. Ragnarok server 212. Allegiance and doxa tribes. They have the oblesiks blocked with turrets so you cant leave. Destroyed my whole tribe and our raft over an egg. Which i wouldve happily gave them. Killed another tribe in the swamp hunting leeches. They constantly troll people. I understand pvp but it comes to a point where you just cant have fun wihout looking over your shoulder waiting for them to fly in on their stupid dragons. Everything you work so hard for is wiped in a sec. Which they make a point of threatening on chat to everyone. They are a multiple server tribe so they arent attacking for supplies they just destroy.
  4. cmyers1

    pvp Accepting raid requests

    Ragnarok server 212. Allegiance. They bully every one killing for no reasons with their wyvern. Killed my tribe while they were looking for eggs. Before i could give them an egg they wiped out my whole tribe and our raft for just an egg. Killed some tribe on a raft hunting leeches to cure themselves. Straight up troll tribe.