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  1. Farming on console I would love a way to just harvest the berries and crops without having to go into the inventory and grab them it’s really annoying especially on console. I think this could be fixed by adding a harvest option or adding a new tool to harvest crops
  2. I say wyvens shouldn’t be able to breed but have a saddle option and griffins should have both
  3. Ebro72

    TLC Pass 3

    I think there are a few Dino’s that could really use some love my suggestions are mammoth, beelzbufo, and bronto others I would like to see but I dont think need one as bad are the wooly rhino, pteranodon, megatherium, and therizino
  4. I 100% agree with the Dino movement I’m raising like 30 wyverns rn and it is a struggle moving around my base
  5. Ebro72

    Mesh fix

    There is a mesh hole in sunken forest on the ramp down I would love this fixed because you can traverse all of sunken through that hole also you can mesh by knocking yourself out while in a chair and logging off at the same time I would suggest not being able to eat narcotics while in a chair as the fix
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