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  1. This is exactly what happened rip beavers was nice knowing you. ?
  2. So protecting spawns for the server shouldn't happen by a player? . Then they should do it themselves! The day after this happened there was a 100x100x100 base on top of the beaver damns around green ob.
  3. I forgot how many hypocrit trolls are actually going to respond here. I'm not going to waste my breathe correcting any of you. They need to rework the policies again and come up with something that doesn't let people take advantage of the gm being able to blow stuff up. "This tribe has a nice spot I want it let me submit tickets until they are blown up. Or I don't like these guys let's submit tickets So they get blown up." I'm gonna get you tribe wiped is a common threat seen on every server I read people saying it to other people all the time.
  4. You are kidding me right? You don't protect your area we're your base is? You let people come build right on side of you? You don't have any pillars down! If you say yes to any of these your a liar and still read half the server got trashed is the point and so what if we pillared our area it's a lot worse on any island server we just don't want someone literally right on side on side of us as is with every player on console it's to laggy as is I don't want to blue screen every time I log on until I just get angry and it's not arrogance you people try to focus on a tiny comment In a much larger
  5. We own a island on rag we pillars off our island to protect our meat run why would we put down more structures to kill the food and resources there? I don't need a teleport from one side of my island to the next we lost our wyvern traps and everything and it was 5 tribes that lost there stuff enforce my left foot. I was on gen had my gates up no doors was about to build my greenhouse guy walked up dropped a pillar and a ladder right in front of me and pillared out the back side of my base that I was working on and did the devious emote I had a video of it you know what got done nothing not a d
  6. We pillared it off not built a mega structure around it pillars and ladders you can walk to and fro the dams as you please ride a rex or a raptor up to it. Yet still the focus shouldn't be the beaver dams it the fact that he/she basically whipped out 5 different tribes gates and pillars. I was online and on server when it happened. The sad thing is whatever prick decided to put in a ticket for something small if they needed a pillar removed they should have just asked no ones asked us to take anything down there was no argument nothing. The gm didn't take action that's called flying off the ha
  7. How do I report a ticket on a gm? So I log in to my rag server today to see all my gates and my pillars are gone with no warning, notification nothing. Been in our location on rag 887 ps4 for 2 years now we are one of the larger tribes and help our server out as much as we can. We had the beaver dams pillared off to protect them so players wouldn't make them despawn By building a base on top of them we had our island pillared off so no one killed our meat runs or built within render distance killing us with lag. The entire southern side of the map (about 5 guilds) lost there gates and potent
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