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  1. Win 10 hosting dedicated

    I’ve tried everything I could think of even opening up my router completely and they still couldn’t join, unless they were on the same IP address as me. So I used my OneX to host and now Windows 10 (v769) is crashing at the splash screen or if I sit at main menu for longer than a minute
  2. PC play anywhere server

    No problem, it took me awhile to find it in that folder but eventually I did lol
  3. PC play anywhere server

    Credit CyberAngel67
  4. Windows 10 version worlds won't load

    I’m having the same issue ever since (v769) I can start loading and the game crashes and I try to restart it and same thing and if I stay on the main page for to long it’ll crash I’ve tried everything I could think of but have yet to figure out a solution I’ve deleted my files and wiped ark completely and still no fix, I’ve tweeted and wrote on here to see if anyone had solutions but no response yet 😔😔 Well its not letting me reply to comments, but I have plenty of room but the game starts loading and crashes at the splashscreen before it can try to load anything else.
  5. Windows 10 version wont start!

    Has there been a fix for Windows 10 crashing on splash screen I’ve tried everything I could think of and I didn’t have this problem until the latest update to (v769), before I was having a problem with aberration not rendering now I can’t even play ark on Windows 10
  6. Windows 10 saves files for ARK

    Thank you!! Was able to get that wiped but now my game is having crashing problems on start up😫😫
  7. Ok this may have been posted somewhere but I have yet to find it but how do you wipe your saved files on Windows 10, I have looked through every stinking file I have on my pc and can’t find it anywhere, the only thing I’ve thought about doing was wiping my saved file on my Xbox but that might wipe my dedicated server that me and my friends play on..
  8. ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack!

    Ark aberration won’t even render in ground textures, or basically the whole map for me, just shows Dino’s our base and water where the ground should be on Windows 10. It worked fine yesterday and had update today so I’m assuming the update messed up, loaded in the island just fine too.