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  1. Hi, i saw this video ... but killing trilobite is not very fast... is there a better way mid 2018 now ?
  2. i have a question .. what does that mean not cluster small tribe servers ? I know there a the normal official server and the small tribe servers ... which you cant transfer from on to the other 1.) but i can transfer from a small tribe server to another small triber server. At least i tryed that and that worked. Is this also possibiel with dino and equiment ? What does now mean " not clustered " they are clustered but not with the gold big non small tribe pvp cluster ?
  3. I have now read two different statements so far... when I enter the Lysrix? locally, she always spawns as level 1 but on the internet it says she always spawns as 124 or 125. there are light-years in between (even if the hps should be the same)? it would be really nice if someone could confirm that she always spawns with this level or in a certain area. I can't even test how many dinosaurs I need against them
  4. Hi, play on Aberration and made our first ElementX. Unfortunately, we can't build anything with it. In videos I always see hordes of Rexes on unofficial PVE servers that attacked the boss. Well... we don't. ) Rockwell should be much more difficult than Broodmother Lysrix. I imagine it like this. We went to theisland with a few mats. Tame a couple of dinosaurs there in DoubleWeekend, build a base. Then we kill Lysrix. Leave the items behind for future boss fights and trance naked without dinosaurs (doesn't go back to our main server if you use aberration). This is my plan so far: X... does that work and what would be the minimum requirement for a successful fight?
  5. hi, in the earthquake drop me a pick axe in better quality. Is it also known if there are better quality axes in aberration dropen? what I have tested locally so far are they less in loot crates, dungeon loot crates or air drops indoors. They don't drop alpha's either. And according to https://ark.gamepedia.com/Earthquake_ (butration), they don't drop earthquakes .
  6. Bullz

    Metal pick can drop on earthquake but...

    still nothing dropped ..
  7. Bullz

    Metal pick can drop on earthquake but...

    someone on my server sayed that they also got 2 ... but now since days no one find something. We guess now that wc changes something .. or is anyone here who see a item drop ( must not be a pickaxe ) .. the lat days ?
  8. i am testing the just local with speed x3.... you have to be in the right biome. Fertile region (green zone)? but it only drops until blue gem. no single object has fallen from the ceiling so far and I'm sure I have already caused an earthquake more than 100 times with "ce startquake"... that can't be... they have a chance of 0.0001% or is the problem somewhere else? ... would like to see it dropen once local then I go to the official one.