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  1. JdogMcFuzzl

    What's Next: Structures Plus & Kibble Rework

    So this is good for pc players but when do consol players get S+ stuff? Does anyone know?
  2. Mods on console would be sweet. And new dinos would be cool too. Finding out about new dino releases and then going and taming them was awesome.
  3. JdogMcFuzzl

    Map TLC

    I think this would be pretty sweet if they went back and graphics updated the island and center more. I don't think they should really change the layout very much but just graphics updates are always good.
  4. JdogMcFuzzl

    Ascension, level up help.

    So if we tried to reload onto the island and do it again would it possibly work?
  5. JdogMcFuzzl

    Should dino leveling be removed?

    Yeah i agree with the customization side of leveling dinos. In all honestly i kinda wish there was a way to toggle the leveling cap on and off on your own servers or in single player. And not just for dinos but for survivors too. I think officials should have caps but i think it would be nice to be able to have that freedom to remove caps in personal or smaller grouped maps.
  6. JdogMcFuzzl

    Ascension, level up help.

    So my brother and I play on our own non dedicated server and we have been playing on ragnarok and after beating all the bosses we realized we needed to beat the island bosses too to get all the tek engrams, so we upload our characters and download them onto the island and beat all the bosses there and then decide to ascend on the island to get the bonus 15 levels, but when we beat the overseer on alpha we didn't get any of the bonus levels and our specimen implants don't say we have beat the overseer. So I was just wondering if anyone knows what happened and why we don't have the bonus levels? Do the characters need to be started on the island for that to work or do we no longer get levels for ascending on the island? Any help would be really appreciated!
  7. JdogMcFuzzl

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    This isn't a creature but if you guys do decide to keep going with some futuristic stuff then maybe a tek robot that could be programmed to either gather resources, attack Dino's, or patrol your base. And you could give it different tools or weapons to increase its effectiveness.