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  1. Disconnecting I'm playing on a non dedicated session on my xbox one x and the last few days it keeps disconnecting my friends who are in the world with me. It does this like every 20 minutes or so. Is this an issue with Genesis or is it a problem with xbox live?
  2. Alpha missions So i play on xbox on an non dedicated server. Mostly by myself but sometimes my siblings or a few friends join. But I've noticed that some of the alpha missions are literally impossible to do. Maybe its because i dont have a huge mega tribe with tons of people and resources but does anyone else feel like the jump from beta to alpha missions is way to extreme? Don't get me wrong i enjoy a challenge. I want the alpha missions to be difficult but it seems like some of them are only achievable with multiply level 500 tames from extreme amounts of breeding? Or is it easier on official servers with large tribes?
  3. Element dust genesis Any way to use element dust on genesis? Is there a place to turn it into shards or element?
  4. I can't buy replicators either. I have the engram unlocked from previous bosses and I have bought a few crates without getting it. This has to be a glitch. Otherwise this would be super frustrating.
  5. Okay then i think something is glitched because I have a character who knows the engram but I've bought a lot of packs without getting any replicator. I play on xbox so is this just a xbox glitch?
  6. Tek replicator Do you need to beat the final boas on genesis to unlock the tek replicator from hlna? Or if you transfer a character over that alteady knows that engram can you unlock it without beating the boss?
  7. JdogMcFuzzl


    Ammo It would be cool if for the advanced weapons we had more than one ammo type. Like advanced pistols could have hollow point rounds that do extra damage. Shotguns could get slug rounds which have increased range or damage, but no spread. Snipers could get tracer rounds which mark targets or maybe incinderary rounds to catch things on fire. Advanced rifles could have heavy rounds. Maybe even add an advanced grapple hook that is fired from a gun and has a longer range than the normal one. I feel like some of these could be added to break up some of the leveling that doesn't have a lot of engrams that give you better things. I just feel like for a large chunk of the levels gained in the middle you dont have much to unlock that feels worth it.
  8. Flyers on non dedicated sessions I saw that they added a way to enable flyers on unofficial servers, but is there a way to enable them on non dedicated servers?
  9. Cheaper by the dozen/web search mission How do you do these missions? I start them at the start station and then it says i need to find 141 tracks of the creature and my HLNA starts scanning everything and she says she's found something and a marker will appear on the ground. I run up to it but nothing happens. She just keeps scanning the ground over and over but thats it. And im standing on the marker that appears. So how are you actually supposed to do these missions?
  10. A few glitches noticed When you hold B to pull up the whistle wheel it auto whistles and your tames follow you. Also flying is disabled. Im not sure this is on purpose or accident but hopefully it's just a glitch. Because flying should be allowed on genesis. When i play on a non dedicated server i can't hit the insect swarms unless im on a mount. I can't hit them with any weapons but my dinos can. Also my friends who join can them. Its just me that cant. These are a few ive found so far.
  11. Hopefully itll come out on the 28th but us not hearing anything this week makes me feel like its delayed again.
  12. Yeah i might need to try that. Thank you.
  13. Element vein and Orbital drops. I play on an undedicated server on xbox. I haven't seen any orbital drops or element veins for quite a while. I also haven't seen any corrupted dinos recently roaming around. All of those were happening/around a few weeks ago but now i haven't seen any one of them for days. I did just beat the alpha titan king a few days back. Do all of those things stop after beating the alpha king? And if so is there a way to admin command on xbox to get them to start again?
  14. Not being able to type anything Whenever i try and name something or create a new folder in my inventory it never saves the text i type and won't do the operation. I play on xbox one x on a non-dedicated server. I tried to put a name on my stocking I got from the event and since then I can't name any new tames or items, or put anything in any search bars in game "raw meat" for example.
  15. I can't click on any of the menu tabs on this page to search for forums or anything like that. I can only click on the main links like for this article but i cant use the on page search bar or access any of the stuff. I had to sign in by Google searching the sign in page and clicking on a link that took me directly to sign in instead of the home page. Anyone else have this problem?
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