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  1. Headlight attachments for dino saddles

    That would work but I also have to level their capacity so it doesn't run out and I have to wait to recharge. Which isn't a huge deal I just like having constant light. Also. Can't carry my otter then for my insulation buff then.
  2. New Weapon's

    An smg would be sweet. And different types of bullets would be cool too. A rifle between the sniper and assault rifle. Like something semi auto but has more ammo and durability than the sniper and does damage in between the sniper and assault rifle. Poisons for blades would be awesome too.
  3. The torch is okay at lighting an area while riding but I've still ran into walls or off cliffs because the light range isn't super far. You should be able to make lights to add to Dino's saddles that are a lot stronger versions of the flashlight so that way you can see farther ahead while sprinting around at night.
  4. Grapple hooks not working?

    Are the grapple hooks not supposed to work because we now have the zip lines? Whenever i try and grapple onto any walls of trees or anything it just automatically unlatches the grapple and it disappears. Is this on purpose or a glitch?
  5. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    This isn't a creature but if you guys do decide to keep going with some futuristic stuff then maybe a tek robot that could be programmed to either gather resources, attack Dino's, or patrol your base. And you could give it different tools or weapons to increase its effectiveness.
  6. Some of the Dino's do wander around but generally stay in the same area they spawn in. I think it would be cool if certain Dino's had migration paths that they would occasionally walk so that way things don't spawn in and stay in the same area forever. Some of the predators dontravel far but only if their killing things so maybe even have them hunt in different areas to try and make the Dino's feel more natural. Also something that would be sweet is if you could set patrol routes for your Dino's so they can patrol around your base or an area and attack things that get to close. also having the ability to add attachments to saddles would be sweet, like extra plating for armor, or spikes for increased damage, flexible materials for speed, an additional seat. And maybe higher level saddles could have multiple attachments. So armor plating and spikes for a tank type mount and speed and increased seats for a dps attack mount. Attachments for armor is cool too. Like how we have the zip line motor and glide suit. We should get some attachments for helmets gloves and boots. Like either lights or binocular for helmet. But I'm not sure what to add to gloves or boots.
  7. in game NPC's

    I think in game npc would be sweet too. I don't know to what extent they would behave, but my brothers and I normally play by ourselves and we would enjoy some npcs that were both friendly and hostile to make building a base more interesting.