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  1. Enabling flyer movement speed increase on xbox still bugged? Haven't been able to ark in a few weeks but I would love for that to be fixed.
  2. This is great news. I love ark. I have been playing for years and I still enjoy the game a ton. I am glad they are doing ark 2 instead of just releasing more DLC for Ark 1. Completely overhauling the game with an upgraded engine and tons of new features that couldn't mesh with the old system will be really awesome. Im stoked for this.
  3. I'm not a huge fan of this idea. I don't like being restricted in taking or gathering materials based on level. I think the leveling in Ark fine. Not great but fine. My biggest beef is just the patches of levels that have almost no engrams or no useful/entertaining ones. There just needs to be more stuff in some of those areas to look forward to. Like different bullet types, more weapons both melee and ranged, some different types of transportation items. Like boat types. Either larger boats or smaller faster ones. Just some variety. Skis for snow biomes would be cool. There just needs to be more engrams that are useful or fun.
  4. The tek spyglass needs to be added to consoles. PC already has this with the binoculars in a mod so we just need it pirted over to consoles. Tek forge would be great. I've never needed anything more with the fridge and AC but adding ten versions couldn't hurt anything. On non dedicated sessions you should be able to toggle increasing flyer movement speed. Like back in the old days of ark being able tp level up a flyer to zip across the map super quick was nice. I understand why they got rid of it but it would be nice to have that as an option on non dedicated servers
  5. When is crystal Isles coming to console? I thought it was coming on the 11th and was sad when i updated the game and didn't get crystal isles. Is there a release date for it for us console players? Also i noticed how flyer movement speed can be increased on the time capsule servers. Can we add an option when you host a non dedicated session that you can toggle that on or off on all maps? I would love to go back to those old days and speed up my flying mounts on all the other maps.
  6. Hopefully itll come out on the 28th but us not hearing anything this week makes me feel like its delayed again.
  7. I can't click on any of the menu tabs on this page to search for forums or anything like that. I can only click on the main links like for this article but i cant use the on page search bar or access any of the stuff. I had to sign in by Google searching the sign in page and clicking on a link that took me directly to sign in instead of the home page. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. So this is good for pc players but when do consol players get S+ stuff? Does anyone know?
  9. Mods on console would be sweet. And new dinos would be cool too. Finding out about new dino releases and then going and taming them was awesome.
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