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  1. Hopefully itll come out on the 28th but us not hearing anything this week makes me feel like its delayed again.
  2. Yeah i might need to try that. Thank you.
  3. Element vein and Orbital drops. I play on an undedicated server on xbox. I haven't seen any orbital drops or element veins for quite a while. I also haven't seen any corrupted dinos recently roaming around. All of those were happening/around a few weeks ago but now i haven't seen any one of them for days. I did just beat the alpha titan king a few days back. Do all of those things stop after beating the alpha king? And if so is there a way to admin command on xbox to get them to start again?
  4. Not being able to type anything Whenever i try and name something or create a new folder in my inventory it never saves the text i type and won't do the operation. I play on xbox one x on a non-dedicated server. I tried to put a name on my stocking I got from the event and since then I can't name any new tames or items, or put anything in any search bars in game "raw meat" for example.
  5. I can't click on any of the menu tabs on this page to search for forums or anything like that. I can only click on the main links like for this article but i cant use the on page search bar or access any of the stuff. I had to sign in by Google searching the sign in page and clicking on a link that took me directly to sign in instead of the home page. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. Unique items, unique skins, random colored dinos is pretty fun too. I think activities in events are cool too. Like maybe if you had something where you killed a specific event creature you would get a free level up point to spend upgrade one of your stats. Even at max level. Just to allow people to keep having some progress. Or like finding items on the ark s and once you get them taking them to a place and trading them for something. Either a skin, item, blueprint, or a level up. Group events are cool too to keep people playing the game together. Event dinos are cool too. That make the game more challenging.
  7. It would be cool to see some new creatures that could be introduced during events.
  8. Thank you wildcard Most of my posts I talk about issues with games or things i would like to see in games. But honestly I just wanted to make a post thanking wildcard for the way they have run their company and worked on Ark. In today's gaming world of extremely expensive microtransactions and failing to fix bugs because development time is spent on microtransaction content, wildcard has done a stand up job at fixing issues as best they can and as fast as they can and they have continued to develop new quality content at extremely reasonable prices. So from a long time and sincere fan of not only Ark but of Wildcard itself. Thank you.
  9. I play on xbox and if I'm on my brothers non dedicated server the brood mother is invisible and invincible to me. He can see and hurt her but i can't
  10. I lost everything on val just today. I don't think there is any way to get them back
  11. I started a map on val after installing the season pass and I had put about 10 hours into it just to log on tonight to everything being gone. I literally was playing it earlier today and somehow it wiped itself. I don't understand how because my xbox completely shuts down when i turn it off it couldn't have even updated if it wanted to. How is this happening?
  12. The broodmother is invisible for me as well. My little brother runs a non dedicated server on his xbox and he can she her on his but when i play with him i can't see or touch the broodmother but he still can.
  13. Flyer movement speed I play on console so maybe this isn't a problem for PC users with the ability to mod. But one thing i miss is how you could level up flyers movement speeds. I understand why they took it away and Im okay with it being gone on official servers. But i think there should be an option for dedicated or non dedicated servers where you can turn it back on so you can once again level flyers movement speeds. I mostly play ark with my siblings on non dedicated servers. There are certain ways to get around the map fast like fast travel between beds or console commands but they are somewhat of a hassle to do and we also don't get to explore the maps by doing them. So we would like to have the ability to turn on a setting that allows us to increase their movement speed once again. Thanks for all the work you do wildcard. The game is very enjoyable.
  14. Dieonocus (new raptor) glitch With the new raptor creature when my siblings and I play on our non dedicated servers whoever the host on the server is can't do the pounce attack while riding. If they double tap the A button it will teleport their mount to the first rock it jumped onto and so you can't climb anything with them and you also can't pounce and cling onto a larger dino. It's only for the host though. For the rest of the people on the server it works fine just not the host.
  15. So this is good for pc players but when do consol players get S+ stuff? Does anyone know?
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