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  1. yikes that's rough I wish they would be more active to fix these issues more enforcement = less it happens
  2. I believe these are the rich ones I honestly cant tell anymore from the amount of farming but usually in about an hour I can fill 6-10 forges with about 15 argies all wgt following
  3. this really needs to be fixed asap
  4. should hopefully be fixed by tomorrow if they can figure it out but we know how this goes..
  5. i hope they fix this soon would hate to loose an entire base due to not being able to transfer there.
  6. Yikes honestly didn't think people would go that low on pve servers I know back on PvP it was a constant thing. The devs really need to disable alot of features for pve
  7. I just did this over the weekend it still works although when the quetzal is kod it falls to the ground make sure there isn't any water and having a tribemate on the ground to clear anything works
  8. October 1st is the correct answer when it's fully open
  9. Borgie

    X2 Evo

    We got it last weekend and I'm thinking that we will be getting it again this weekend just waiting for the announcement
  10. Thanks for the ocean drop guide that's going to help a ton!
  11. Honestly the counter raiding a fob with multiple tribes should be classified ad teaming. Basically they only care if you get raided by 2 tribes at the same time that you can clearly see are working together and have video proof of them not killing each other
  12. I can see both sides but honestly its a donation to a great cause and we get to make lots of babies in game
  13. okay awesome so pretty soon then hopefully
  14. Charity Event Has anyone heard when they will be doing this again yet this year? Been trying to look and haven't found much information about it really hoping they do another one soon
  15. Has to be boosted rates especially breeding
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