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  1. Tried to join servers crashed to dashboard as usual since the last server update got IP banned due to an accident for a bit from the forums and that's about it.
  2. WC's New SLOGAN!!!


  3. I found an unofficial server of which was extremely fun due to the ability to download singleplayer dinos as long as they were below level 700 and not crazy stats PVE/ PVP it was an adventure I brought in my reapers griffins one of which who decided to drop 5 feet and lost 17k health killing it Hodric Griffindor will for ever be missed tamed kangaroo and started prepping for a baby dino
  4. Ark Aberration I logged on to find that we had been base wiped every thing stolen and our industrial forge and 1k gasoline gone along with apprentice hazmat and mastercraft climbing picks realizing that I needed gear I went to ragnarok where I proceeded to gather blueprints and gear I eventually met up with my tribemate who apparently had multiple sets of ascendant riot gear I then proceeded to join up with our soon to be tribemates who were raiding people with my only other tribemate they asked us if we wanted to do boss runs and we agreed with them we transferred to island defeated the gamma mega with my crab and their Theri's we then proceeded to bring my tribemate in on alpha broodmother who brought my 160k health crab down to 21k health however we managed to defeat it gaining 3 sets of awesome TEK gear in the process in which I proceeded to equip the ones I knew feeling happy to be back in TEK armour however I had to hide somewhere because we were not set up anywhere on the map and I could not leave my things in the obelisk so I left them in my tribemates care. That's about it although I did devise a plan to wipe the alpha who base wiped us still have yet to do it though.
  5. Short version: ran around tamed two crabs level 72 @ 162, bred up a ravager, went to figure out a new base location in the bio luminescence with my cliff platforms, planned my trip to the rad zone by building 6 sets of suits and working on some vaults, cooked up metal/gasoline, made a crap load of darts, and finally made my feeding station
  6. oh god that looks like a lag storm for my console if I ever did that
  7. Yes somebody finally knocked out Barney and tamed him
  8. Flaming104

    Close Call

  9. nice one maybe one with a baby rock drake being cuddled would be SUPER CUTE
  10. This one had me with a smile on my face great job and listen that is my life on ark except its a player who stole my stuff in the talons of a flyer
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