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  1. PrincessPixie

    Will scorched earth get Tek Stegos ?

    really hoping our server gets to participate in the tek event 😃
  2. Can scorched earth get Tek Stegos too so we too can join in the tek dino event?
  3. Just wondering if there will finally be a stego spawn in scorched earth
  4. I say let ragnarok be the new paid map instead! scorched earth should be the free map since Rag has pretty much ALL biome dinos + exclusive tames for a free map + amazing food timers and lots of safe zones for more fun play.
  5. Time.. and time.. and time.. again. I and friends on the ragnarok servers have been having to answer new players as to why we are always tame capped.. and have people get upset over the fact that they cant enjoy playing on the beautiful map and end up going to center or island.. which are pretty too but .. lets be honest here.. Ragnarok is the only map with the griffins and wyverns on a lush beautiful green map that's pleasing to the eyes. I please ask Wildcard if you guys could release more Ragnarok servers. It would very much help with the tame cap including since Ragnarok IS the most popular map you guys have to date on official servers. And I'm not just saying this as an assumption but I have played multiple maps and servers and Ragnarok is ALWAYS tame capped. Or at the very least.. List the dino amount per server so people can see the transparency that it IS tame capped. Or some automated message when people come onto the server say "Sorry this server is tame capped. If you wish to tame feel free to try another server."
  6. The overlay isn't working for me and says it cannot work with this resolution. My resolution is... 2560x1440
  7. The thing is.. there is no challenge on a lightning or fire wyvern... and no challenge if you throw away the poison egg and just not get a poison wyvern period. It doesn't add a challenge at all but just makes it so poison wyverns are underappreciated and hardly ever used. If they truly wanted to make it a challenge you would also get self damage from a fire or lightning wyvern as well while riding them, which you dont.
  8. I don't think they should make you totally immune to poison breath.. just only one from your own tame. Similar to how you dont get affected by lightning or fire from your own wyvern as you're shooting it ONLY while riding.
  9. True invincibleqc, though, the whole point of this thread is that shouldn't have to wear one just to ride your own poison wyv as the durability goes the more you wear it which makes the whole point of the poison wyvern deemed as "useless" in pve servers and most people just literally throw away their eggs. It's literally the reason people choose fires/lightnings/ice to mainly ride. It's already a weaker mount than the lightning and fire wyverns as it is.. why add on more necessities to deem it more useless?
  10. ooh like the basilisk! thats a good idea too!
  11. I love poison wyverns so much and how they look...but its so sad that alot of the community can't share that love and toss them aside because you can't use their special attack otherwise you kill yourself in the process! I want to propose a change to PVE poison wyverns to be changed where they dont kill their rider when using poison gas attacks! This way we can enjoy poison wyverns more on PVE.
  12. This is experienced by ALL players on Ragnarok during windstorms there will be constant screen flashing during windstorms. It's something that possibly could cause epileptic seizures and should be fixed.
  13. Please fix this as it's gotten to the point where it's starting to give me an extreme headache just trying to play for even a few minutes of gameplay. Just standing still I, and others in the game have been experiencing more than constant screen flashing since after the recent update. Please I would appreciate if you guys could look into fixing this recent bug.
  14. Not sure if this has been suggested but.. I'm more than sure there's many of us who would LOVE to donate to your company so we could have more server space and maybe get an increase in tame cap per tribe etc... but to do that requires money and I'm sure you guys want to give us some sort of reward back to compensate so my suggestion is for in-game skins. I understand that we currently have free ones in game but I'm not gonna lie, I would LOVE more skins to be able to wear in game and alot of people from multiple servers I've talked to agreed that they too would like to have different looks for their characters to be a little more unique. Like instead of bunny ears we could have cat ears.. jerboa ears and a tail etc, summer swimsuit, you know stuff that would either look really silly or make us look really cool .. would love that stuff! and it can even be seasonal too. Since most of us are collectors more than sure people would love to collect these rare seasonal skins as well to wear. And if you run out of ideas can even have a contest every month or two for ppl to come up with skin ideas and let them get the free skin of their creation or something etc. Just throwin' out some ideas to help keep it awesome
  15. PrincessPixie

    Show off your Pink/Red/White VDay Dinos!

    Would love to see what everyone managed to collect in the few days of the event.