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  1. Awesome! I will definitely try this and apply to several different dinos that I want to be more of a challenge. Thanks everyone! Hopefully this weekend will get to mess around with it.
  2. @RageQuitter Interesting....I will try to look into those. Thanks! The half torpor sounds promising.
  3. I probably worded this poorly, but I'm looking to play vanilla-ish but want to make the game as hard as possible. Lul I would like to make it when a Scorpion attacks me it would apply way more topor to me than it would normally. Are there game files I could add or change to accomplish? I think I feared Scorpions back in 2015/2016. Not so much anymore XD
  4. So I want to start a vanilla playthrough (SP) because I just haven't did vanilla in a long long time, and I would like to change a bunch of things to increase the difficulty. My question here is it possible to increase for example a Pulmonoscorpius torpor amount per hit by editing game files?
  5. Ok Thanks everyone! I will hope for the best and be able to continue for a while longer.
  6. I haven't had a chance to play Ark recently and love Fear Evolved and all the Holiday events. Is it possible to extend these on Single Player? Finally have a chance to play it today/this week, but really don't want to start up a new map if FE gonna end on Nov. 6th. Would rather just wait till after if can not extend.
  7. Awesome! Thank you! I'll be checking that out ASAP
  8. Therizinosaurus location? Anyone find any on Crystal lsles? Playing with Primal Fear and I need badly to harvest rare mushrooms and flowers?
  9. Same for me, starts to load then goes right back to TitleScreen
  10. I haven't tamed a Procoptodon in couple years it seems, looks like I might have to give them a try. Thanks also for idea of something to do during these crazy times.
  11. I get all my rare flowers and cactus sap from Arctic, but agree that Metal nodes giving like half is bizarre and hopefully a bug.
  12. Since the lastest big patch I've not had 1 problem. Idk if I've been lucky but it might just be because of patch
  13. Ah...that would make since for sure
  14. What does this mean? Shell retrieving? Lol Maybe I'm an idiot
  15. Gfnjr


    I've been meaning to ask this same question. I've tamed a few creatures while all a sudden their taming effectiveness has went down and wasn't sure why. Wasn't any special level tames, just lower level ones to help get eggs so I never built anything around them. Really don't think anything wild came by and attacked either. This was while feeding them raw prime or mutton for example, and when checked dropped more than should. So I'm very confused what happened.
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