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  1. Gasbags, level oxygen and feed mushroom brews.
  2. I see Wildcard was feeling the Christmas spirit and added 2x taming, wish the guys who meshed my base last weekend were that nice.
  3. Was the alpha named “parental advisory” because they just got mostly wiped off of crossark 12...all they have left is a hole on aberration. Pop in and if you’re lucky we’ll throw you some of their tames to get started back up.
  4. Ice wyverns are useful when fighting in the air, slowing down your opponent making them vulnerable to being picked. poisons are arguably the best wyvern for PvP, I’ve cleaned a whole enemy tribe with a couple poison blasts. You can sink rafts and they have the longest breath attack range. I say leave the ice wyverns be, they already nerfed manas and owls to give everything else a fighting chance.
  5. Make Crossarks 2x all rates My suggestion is to make all official crossarks 2x taming, harvesting, XP, and breeding/maturation permanently. This will bring more players to a game mode that doesn’t have mega tribes raiding all the smaller tribes. Also it will make it easier for new tribes to become relevant in PvP with some of the tribes that have been around on there since the servers were started. It’s a huge pain when you’ve been on a crossark for 3 weeks and you find yourself fighting a tribe that’s been there for over a year.
  6. Buffed turret damage while offline would be nice. Don’t really care about structure resistance. Arthro will get through it once your turrets are soaked anyway.
  7. Valguero on Xbox official crossarks Are we getting Valguero on the official crossarks or nah? It’s been several hours and there are even Valguero servers on legacy. Wildcard hooked up all 7 of the people that still play legacy over the hundreds of players on official crossarks.
  8. There’s a reaper buried under your base, use a diplo to push it out of the ground
  9. Metal foundation is 4, thatch foundation is 6
  10. Just place troughs on a quetzal platform.
  11. Artifact of the pack is at the end of the jumping puzzle, get some climbing picks.
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