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  1. it would be cool if big dinos like rex or giga could slip and fall on there side causing massive damage if they get hit by a creature as big or bigger than them on there side or legs, but this would be rare and very hard to pull off.
  2. it would be cool to find wild baby creatures and no matter what creature it is, weather its a lystro to a giga, the mother will become agro onto you regardless. (Also why cant we carry lystros or medium to small baby creatures) and it would be cool if the trodons, megalania and megalosaurus were afraid of fire and torches.
  3. it would be cool if the galli didn't swing its tail all around while sprinting, it would be cool to see it keep its tail straight but kept it loose and have it turn with the galli, and a bit of reduced fall damage would be cool
  4. you should make it so when the giga or rex or any large creature roars, creatures smaller than it would run or equal sized dinos would either attack you or slowly move away.
  5. is that actually on a raft or is it built with foundations?
  6. it would be cool to see the mammoth change a little, maybe make it look a little like the mammoths from the movie 10,000 BC. and it should be able to toss medium animals with its tusks
  7. i think somebody accidentally leaked what the sarco will look like
  8. They should give the megalodon a size increase and make it a bit more uncommon and also maybe you could tone down that big whale's spawn rate and maybe they could make it just a tad less aggressive to boats also the titanaboa could use a resize and lose the frill but make it a rare find in the swamp maybe the carno could have a attack like the diplo where it knocks enemies back far but does less damage
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