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  1. MrNobody1

    Solo tribe transfers

  2. MrNobody1

    Swamp fever

    Hey guys, so some sites state that only humans and dodos can get the swamp fever and other sites say that tamed dinos can only get it if bitten by a infected leech. Can anyone give me the facts? Thanks!
  3. MrNobody1

    Dino, level, stats.

    Never really looked at it that way, thanks for the effort and making this topic a little clearer!
  4. MrNobody1

    Your top 5 mods

    Jurrasic dino's always tend to be buggy for me.
  5. MrNobody1

    Dino, level, stats.

    Is the level relevant on the wild dinos?
  6. MrNobody1

    East lava cave on the island tips!

    Yeah when they leave me alone for a bit I'll fortify the outside!, also they've picked up the artifact multiple times as the cave was claimes by a pretty big tribe before that left it be. Also I could try to ally some tribes and provide the artifact if needed.
  7. Dear survivors, I've been staking up on materials for about 2 weeks now in secret and i'm about to make my move into the lava cave on a pvp Island server. The server has it's alpha's and other raiders which I worry about. For me this is the first time moving my base into a cave even though I have 30 days+ played on the game. I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on how to defend the cave and maybe some other usefull things. P.s I read something about a damage multiplier on structures in caves, does this apply on the eas lava cave on the Island aswell? Thanks - A worrysome arkplayer
  8. MrNobody1

    video Basilisk Easy Taming

    Thanks for sharing!
  9. MrNobody1

    Beaver question

    Thanks for this usefull post!
  10. MrNobody1

    Best Way to Get Drake Eggs On Foot

    Thanks, really helpfull even tho I just got raided in aberration
  11. MrNobody1

    wyvern names

    Angel, thunderstruck
  12. MrNobody1

    I always kill Karkinos :(

    Yeah they need to be nerfed badly imo, especially with the fact that there's no plant on aberration. P.s can you transfer karkinos to servers like ragnarrok and the island?
  13. If so I'm excited for the icons :3
  14. MrNobody1

    I always kill Karkinos :(

    Tamed Karkinos are absolutely out of control and I do believe something needs to happen
  15. MrNobody1

    pvp Fake friendly alpha tribe