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  1. Why you...why u bully me? 😭😭
  2. BlueRaporRay

    Aviary Build

    Hey Guys I was wondering if anyone could give some ideas on how to build an aviary like the one in jurassic world. I am building a zoo and wanted something cool in terms of the flyers section. It needs to be big enough to fit a quetz, 4 tapejara, 7 pteras and a ton of dimorphs. It can be as expensive to build as you want, and pls send screenshots of it keep in mind that im a console player and dont have access to mods Thanks, BlueRaptorRay
  3. BlueRaporRay

    Aberration on Ragnarok?

    Dear devs of Ragnarok I have been playing Ragnarok for a while now, and it is currently the best map available. BUT, it NEEDS aberration Biomes on it. Maybe putting it under the castle in the cave could be cool, although you would have to make more entrances from the surface. I have tried making on concept for this, and it wouldn't be too hard to encorporate everything in (except the surface biome) in too the space in the cave, although it would be kinda cramped... If a ragnarok dev sees this please take my idea into consideration Kind Regards, BlueRaptorRay
  4. I say that after u ascend, level up and save some engram points. then u just have to transfer to AB/SE and learn the engrams. then transfer back to whatever map ur using. I did this a while ago and it worked for me. GOOD LUCK
  5. BlueRaporRay

    Making A Zoo!!!

    Thanks. Ill get to work right away
  6. BlueRaporRay

    Making A Zoo!!!

    Also, does anyone have a design for an aviary? It needs to be vanilla and have space for a quetz, pteranodons tapejaras and dimorphs.
  7. BlueRaporRay

    Making A Zoo!!!

    Ill try this location out. Thanks for the help
  8. BlueRaporRay

    Making A Zoo!!!

    Hey Guys I Was wondering if anyone could give me a cool location to build a zoo. I would prefer a place with flattish land,quite a few trees, access to a snow and a swamp biome, a decently sized cave and ocean access. I dont need all of these, but the ones I need are flat land, trees and ocean. Also, i would like it in a kind of lushious biome (green grass, lots of plants etc.) If anyone could give me something close to my ideal situation, that would be amazing. P.S It can be on any map Thanks
  9. BlueRaporRay

    About Titans...

    I like this idea a lot. It prevents alpha tribes from staying in power too long by using a titan (Good observation.) I kinda feel the taming process should be some sort of sacrifice (maybe a titanosaur or something), but you have to get the extinction titan to low health ( sorta like a reaper queen).
  10. BlueRaporRay

    About Titans...

    Hello Fellow Survivors Do you think that titans should starve to death? I feel like having a titan would be too OP to keep forever, although if it did die from starvation, it would be a real pain to have to tame one again. Also, should it have a platform saddle? Kind Regards Me