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  1. The spawn in some of the lunar caves. The NE cave has them, but ours is built in as it's unofficial luckily got a pair to breed before they stopped spawning.
  2. Not before they attack. Even agressive/turret dinos don't care. Really wish they implemented some sort of citronella torch for low tiers, have to keep it stocked with bug repellent to work etc. and a tek tier alternative unlocked from controller/moeder. (low key... roll rats attract the insect swarms and take no damage; like megachelon and parakeet swarms)
  3. I haven't seen any meteor land north of the volcano, seems like the northern side is a dead-zone.
  4. Insect swarms eat the spec-x (like you see them eating the grass/shrubbery in their path), you can grow them if you build them inside like a 1x1 thatch hut; but they don't target the swarms when fully grown anyway
  5. Our legacy PVE rexes were bred to have like 170 something pts in damage and only 1 point in oxy/weight/stam/wasted. We did just that, bred super rexes pumped with HP/damage muts then tamed clean level fives and bred in the useless stats at level 1 so you can get maximum +level ups in damage/hp/desired stat (if you wanted some wt or stam) without breaking the 450 cap.
  6. Lucky!! If it's an unofficial and you want them to be there try a dino wipe, then scan with the s+ transmitter (if you have one)
  7. Ooh, "Classic" is separate from Prim+ enabled servers then? I have however, heard of conquest!
  8. Sure, I get that, sometimes I don't read them for a few days - but if you are not up to date with current events/patch notes you shouldn't rock up and pretend you know what you are talking about. The guy came in condescending trying to belittle OP but was playing himself for a fool.
  9. Legacy servers? As a legacy player up until Genesis; they are slowly pushing us off the servers. Next chance/expansion you get I'd recommend moving on to unofficial or "new" official. We grabbed a legacy save which was still a few months old but had a bunch of our dinos in cryo and booted it up on a unofficial dedicated.
  10. I think it's obviously to do with the official PVP tek wipe.
  11. It's rough. We took in 30-40k/1k melee rexes with ~60 armor saddles and only 3-4 rexes and half the players made it out alive on gamma.
  12. Hey, assume you have but did you try "J" whistle (follow all) and the location and run a bit. Sometimes they spawn but visually bug out, can't say I've tried to teleport a bronto without a pod though those guys are huge
  13. Uhh, these variations DO NOT keep damage reduction upon tame. They have a small hp/dmg buff (around +-3%) similar to Abberant versions and that is that.
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