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  1. Or just make dinos, or both dinos and players, not be able to be grappled to.
  2. Do away with weight grappling With the possibility to level your character to 140, 99% of dinos cannot even withstand one weight grapple. Make weight not transfer through the grapple.
  3. Spike Armor (Anti Pick) Create spiky armor that prevents you from getting picked off of dinos or just picked in general; this would be a nice counter to getting picked besides using lots of weight, a whip, or a flamethrower.
  4. I would like some valuable loot and prizes from the events. You kill the dodo wyvern and get zombie wyverns that you can't fly; You kill the dodo rex and get a few zombie dodos. Most official Pvp players did not even bother doing it because you didn't get anything useful.
  5. Happened to me yesterday on the blue obelisk mountain on Island. Landed the mana on the side of the mountain and poof, straight to re-spawn screen.
  6. INI files Cheating Prevent PC players from having access and altering the INI files of the game to gain a visual advantage in combat. There should be default INI / visuals that cannot be changed. Players use INI to have no water, no leaves on the trees, and basically none of the visual effects that contribute to balanced combat; they have no visual flash effects to plant z grenades, no plant species x visual effects, and no effects that overlay a players screen. There should be no such thing as legal INI and not legal INI; there should be the default standard that cannot be altered in any way.
  7. Fix Manticore shield skin The Manticore shield skin stretches depending on the size of your character model and looks ugly. Considering most players have the smallest player model possible to reduce visibility to other players I suggest fixing it to the base size. This also occurs with shoulder mounted dinos as well.
  8. More Dino Restricted Maps PVP I would like to see more dino restrictions for future maps similar to how specific dinos are restricted on Aberration. This would allow for a significantly different meta for every map. Players would also be able to choose maps that better suit their strengths and skill sets as well as the dinos they prefer to use. This would breathe life into dinos that have long been considered worthless by the Official PVP community and diversify the PVP battlefield. The Giga/Racer/Mek/Titan meta has become stale among the community, and I think more dino restricted maps would be a good idea moving forward.
  9. Add the Lava Golem to Scorched Earth Official PVP: Add the Lava Golem from the Ragnarok cave to Scorched Earth as a tamable temporary siege dino, similar to the titanosaur. Have it roaming the desert. This will give players more of a reason to play scorched earth.
  10. Yes to wyvern saddle. Griffin is fine as is. Mana should have never been breedable
  11. Lower Structure Limits Significantly Tribes shouldn't be able to build to the point that the server and ping are literally dying. Some I have played with on official pvp say that lag is your best defense, this is clearly exploiting the limitations of servers to your advantage. Although lowering structure limits would not fix all the problems with the ability to subvert this by building out of tribe or in an allied tribe, but something needs to change in this regard.
  12. Remove Chocolate Healing from Official PVP Removing the Chocolates isn't necessarily needed, but the ability to full heal a dino from one Valentine chocolate is clearly broken. My suggestion is to remove this ability from PVP for obvious reasons.
  13. Event Candy Flyer Speed? Ever since the flyer nerf it has been impossible to increase speed on all flyers. However with the event candies, flyers can now gain 15% and 10% additional speed upon consuming them; these candies also stack together. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but clearly speed was taken from flyers because it was broken in PVP. My suggestion is to fix this if necessary, and refrain from contradicting your own patches in the future.
  14. Managarmr Speed Reduction Managarmr clearly need a speed reduction across the board. My suggestion is at least a 65% run speed as well as dash and hop reduction. Managarmr can outrun any land based mount in the game as well as any flyer in the game and with the 15% and 10% increases in speed stacked together from the ascendant Easter dino candy and 4th of July event Toffy make this dino very broken and unbalanced. I know this dino has already received several nerfs, but it needs another. Just a few weeks ago on official PVP my tribe found an un-neutered managarmr on an enemy body that has clearly been either spawned in by a developer or boosted by some sort of exploit. Although this dino could have been bred to this point in the future in say a year or so of breeding it is clearly before it's time with 713.8 melee damage and 3600 stamina with only 787 mutations on the patrilenial side. Of course these managarmr stats have spread like wildfire across all official servers by now. I am a very experienced breeder and managarmr have not been in the game long enough to achieve this stat so there is some shady things happening which is disappointing to all breeders who put actual time into mutation breeding. Luckily I have not seen other dinos with boosted stats other than developer spawned meks. Managarmr need this speed reduction because they dash so fast that they out-render turrets, and of course turrets don't shoot until they are rendered.
  15. Didn't like the Mana coming to abb either, or the desert titan for that matter lol.
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