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  1. well we after we raised lots of mana this is what we get a simply "raptor ur mana" from devs and ppvp cry babys who say mana is strong now i can tame mana naked in snow and even breeded manas are trash and this mana nerf put a BIG RIP to manas
  2. Florin

    Extinction Map Border Insta kills you

    I tink is a dum idea managarmrs wiil die a lot when lagging
  3. Florin

    Giga can't damage with high ping

    With rex i have same problem can 't hit dinos but they can hit you back worst is when meteor storm begins dinos will constantly do dmg to you even when server frezzes
  4. Florin

    Managarmr Crash

    I have same issue when i hit rock elementals or ruber golems
  5. Florin

    PVE Servers Crashing

    #255 ping
  6. Florin

    A message from Studio Wildcard

    I will not buy this poop again devs made it clear in 3 years of Ark they only care about youre money and done and if a server cant handlle 70 plyers who would belive that 40k players can play non sense # 255 ping official servers