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  1. The Parasaur looks cool I really hope they add more then 1-2 more tek dinos
  2. I 100% agree. Its becoming bs and not saying anything is making tensions worse..
  3. I 100% agree and am having the same issue with my singleplayer STILL. They have not responded to my tickets, they have no responded to my thread in bugs for Aberration, and they refuse to reply to my many tweets on Twitter. This is just pathetic in all honesty. Your players just want a simple reply saying your looking into an issue or that you know its happening and your activly working on a fix. But nothing.
  4. Updated my game and Aberration singleplayer still does not work. It still crashes at "AB_SupplyDrops"
  5. Yupp same buzzing sound for me upon a crash as well. I cant restart either, ive put countless hours into the game, I already restarted my Aberration save, got 10x further than what i did previous and now im on the exact same train yet again with no awnser from the devs nor admins. Its beyond frustrating
  6. As well if it helps, its ONLY on my Aberration singleplayer save. Loading any other map still has ALL my progress and survivor stuff.. @Jatheish
  7. I play single player and everytime I go to load Aberration it goes to the loading screen, gets to "Supply_Drops" or what ever and crashes to the xbox one home screen. I reopen ARK and at the base screen itll ask if I want to rejoin my last session, I click yes and it promts me to start a new character on a brand new map. I press cancel on the last session and its fine. I go to reload Aberration and it crashes again on the Supply_Drops loading. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me, first being the 3rd day after Aberration was released, but with that I was trying to figure out how to fix it, and trying to fix it resulted in me deleting my Aberration data by mistake(whoops) but when I went to access Aberration again, all my mini map data was reverted to what it was before and my prior character was back but nothing of mine on the map. The whole map was cleared but I had gotten my explorer's levels back. I ended up spawning in the max level ravager tames I had lost from the first Aberration crash.. I hate "cheating" and "admin commands" so doing that wasnt the funnest thing for me to do. And if I need to do it again, I might say screw it and quit the game because how fair is it for people to lose 2-3 weeks of progress and hard work? Fix this please.. or any kind of reply from a dev/admin would be great..
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