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  1. Honestly, im not mad, or surprised, just take your time and make sure it doesnt end up like extinction, make it right, please
  2. Wildcard you crazy sons of dishes, youve done it, youve made this old girls day the best it can be
  3. I lost my tribemate just after the release of the game, we played early acess together.. I met him on PVE and we went from nothing to one of the biggest tribes together (hes deaf and im mute), just the two of us about 7 days after the game released he got hit by a car that he couldnt hear... Killed him instantly. I built a giant memorial on my server before leaving it and have been tending to that memorial ever since. Thank you wildcard, this gesture, as small as it might be, is so important to me. I hope his memory will be preserved here, I miss you jai, but I hope youre in a better place now.
  4. Does the wyvern stat edit mean that the normal wyverns damage will be reduced to 40? Or will both wyverns be increased and what does this mean for zombie wyverns? Will their stats remain the same? either way great crunch, thanks for the good news
  5. Sounds like a great event, looking forward to it!
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