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  1. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    Why not just set a max speed for flyers.. like 200 movement for everything maxed and wyvs have 150 max and say 2k stam max.. u shouldnt have to cut off a stat completely, create a max for that stat.. like with this u can attack with a wyv a few times and have to get stam kind of pathetic in battles (real king of the sky).. plus how do people get eggs when ur wiki says u need a argy with 175 plus speed?? Really weird nerf kind of overkill tbh. Fixing a problem by creating another isn't a fix sorry guys.. also fix the huge disconnect spots on scorch maybe a priority I dunno just my thought but hey u got your cash right
  2. Wow, we wipe a tribe that insided us last night so now we have to go through this again... seriously DILO what a stupid decision