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  1. We noticed a massively decreased wild Dino spawn rate on Xbox official genesis pve during the 3.5x as well as up to 60-second lags that added between 30-60 minutes to each 8 hour imprint timer. Hoping some of these changes (that don't appear to be implemented until the eggcellent starts) help with these issues.
  2. I would love to see a generic kill counter added to 100% imprinted dinos.
  3. This looks insanely awesome. I wish in celebration of new extinction Chronicles events that we would get a midweek 2xp 2x harvesting event. I'd like to enjoy my life on the weekends sometimes!
  4. So I was able to get into contact with someone from Nitrado. I'e rreceived All of ONE email from them, where they asked me for more info which I almost immediately provided. It's been nearly 2 weeks now and no response to the info I gave.
  5. So my issue is nearly the same as all of you however it was limited to NA servers when using either my AT&T or Sprint Hotspots - could not retrieve address or any NA server while connected to internet on a Hotspot but OC and EU worked fine. Until Saturday. I got a console update (I'm in beta ring). I was able to connect to NA servers again just fine using hotspots. Is this update related or did Nitrado change something on their official server filtering settings? I don't know but I'm waiting for answers.
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