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  1. I would love to see a generic kill counter added to 100% imprinted dinos.
  2. This looks insanely awesome. I wish in celebration of new extinction Chronicles events that we would get a midweek 2xp 2x harvesting event. I'd like to enjoy my life on the weekends sometimes!
  3. Those of you who have done it with imprinted drakes... Did you have any additional dinos? What did you do about the balls? A friend and I were going to take 8 spinos (15k hp, 600+ melee) with 70-80 armor saddles, and our best drakes (14k or so hp, 1700+ stam and nearly 500 melee) along with 200+ damage shotguns and 500 shells a piece and we were going to try Gamma. Definitely seeking any input anyone has.
  4. I was able to get into contact with someone from Nitrado approx 2 weeks ago. They asked me for more details and seemed interested in my problem in the email i received. I almost immediately gave them what they needed. I have not received a response since. I've been adamantly informed that this is not a game client issue, that it has everything to do with official server configuration and those officials are hosted by Nitrado. So, I can't even recommend that anyone email Nitrado because they won't reply or fix the problem either.
  5. So I was able to get into contact with someone from Nitrado. I'e rreceived All of ONE email from them, where they asked me for more info which I almost immediately provided. It's been nearly 2 weeks now and no response to the info I gave.
  6. So my issue is nearly the same as all of you however it was limited to NA servers when using either my AT&T or Sprint Hotspots - could not retrieve address or any NA server while connected to internet on a Hotspot but OC and EU worked fine. Until Saturday. I got a console update (I'm in beta ring). I was able to connect to NA servers again just fine using hotspots. Is this update related or did Nitrado change something on their official server filtering settings? I don't know but I'm waiting for answers.
  7. The hotspots make the Xbox report"doublf nat detected". This has been the case since I started ark. Never had an issue connecting to official pve servers designated for North America until aberration was released. I am able to join OC and EU servers I haven't played on (as well as the OC server I played on before aberration was released).
  8. So, since I cant get a ticket response I might as well see if anyone knows a solution... I have both an AT&T hotspot and a Sprint hotspot and I was able to play on my official server just fine all the way up until Aberration was released. Since then, I cannot play on that server anymore NA-PVE-TheIsland###. Originally I thought I was only blocked from the cluster of servers from 469 to 491 but further investigation has shown that I can't access any NA servers while connected via my hotspot. The only ones I am able to join are OC and EU servers. Note: I can still successfully play on my official server when I am at home on my cable internet connection. Also, today I discovered that even trying to play on crossplay servers via my laptop gives me the exact same symptoms. I am an American... WHAT GIVES?? If I'd have known that I could not play on official servers after Aberration was released I sure as heck would've NEVER bought my own copy of the game AND the season pass. I have spent countless hours on the phone with AT&T's highest tech support who insist that nothing changed on their end around that time. Same with Sprint... besides, I am certain I wasted my time fighting with them anyways because its inconceivable that 2 separate cell phone providers would make the same change, "coincidentally", on the day Aberration released - coincidentally - that would screw me from playing ark. And to answer the question before its asked... I'm a trucker, I am not home much and in my downtime I like to tame jerboas So, WC devs, can you PLEASE throw a guy a bone and help figure out what changed and fix it please? I've exhausted everything on my end all the way up to wiping my console and reinstalling the game to no avail.
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