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  1. While I see what you mean, I still think the trolls that destroy just to destroy should be able to. If you want people to not stealth raid you make better defensive decisions. X plants and turrets, alarm traps with the new mechanic. Small Dino's in doors on aggressive, dodos by doorways. There are so many things you can do. But we are now resorting to a game that is holding your hand. I just see it not ending. I think there should be an option for the tribe log. Maybe an option to not show who killed anything, just to show who died. I don't rp but everyone that does is told to "ignore" t
  2. No it's been removed. Stealth is gone now. Going in guns blazing is now the only way to raid. Stealth was already not a great option and now it's impossible. That's called removing a play style. When you can no longer do it.
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