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  1. The Tropeo is nothing more than a reskinned Tapejara. It even has all of it's sounds. Way to be lazy. I am super impressed, as always.
  2. I honestly think norkalli was being mostly sarcastic. I do not think that this should even have taken this turn. Onto the delay matter. This is nothing new. I have uninstalled the game for that reason. We should not be surprised after Wildcard's track record. Also, no amount of us here on the thread hemming and hawing at them is going to change a thing, it never does.
  3. Go to your library, Properties, DLC and uncheck Genesis and recheck it. People have said that should fix it, should.
  4. All good. Just merely sharing a solution. This is par for the Wildcard course, so!
  5. Wildcard works in windows, Sadly. Might as well just set it to stay updated, work your server configs and let your host sort it out. I know it's unacceptable how bad this has been, but we can't do jack squat but hurry up and continue to wait.
  6. Again. If you play PC there are more than a few unofficials that are basically Official rates and/or little to no mods. Soooo.
  7. While I understand the rage, sir, there is zero we can do about it and zero chance they're going to listen to any of us. Again, par for the course. The only way you're going to make this any easier in the long run is to set the damn thing to download as you sleep. Simple as that. As far as your pillar rant goes? Stop playing official. There are plenty of low mod/low rate or even flat out Vanilla unofficial servers.
  8. I am 100% not surprised for the shove back on the release time. This is par for the course. :3 GG. Either way, can't wait!
  9. See, while I get his standpoint, a chunk of the player base has lost faith in Wildcard. Pushed back dates, very little and vague information and ignoring the player base on a general. Do not get me wrong, I love this game. Every game studio is going to have it's issues, but when your community is screaming for fixes that are way past QoL and almost essential to the game, just to be made to feel it's not important? That's way past acceptable. I seriously hope Genesis is everything it's been hyped to be. However I do not hold much hope as Extinction wasn't worth the hype IMO.
  10. Console players shouldn't hold their breath for that 10am release when they delayed pc by almost 7 hours. Just sayin'.
  11. @Hyday Most of us expected it and we are allowed to express our displeasure.
  12. Nice job, WC. Way to shove it back 2 hours and not say crap to anyone. Awesome. I don't know why I expected anything more from you by this point.
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