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  1. This is official and when I pulled up advanced hud there were no green chevrons. I’ll try to whistle all follow next time I drop into cave. Thanks for input and hope it will pop out. 2 times this week all my gear got arked. Yesterday I transferred to a rag server to run desert drops but after spawning in and walk-in a ways toward obi to pull out wyv, game three back into spawn screen and poof again, everything in inventory and hit bar gone. So deflating when the gear takes soo many resources to recraft.
  2. I’m farming the swamp cave in redwoods and put all my gear in bulldog while running it. Had to make more sleeping bags so pulled my sickle out to harvest some fiber. When I reentered bulldog inventory and put sickle back in, the Dino vanished while still accessed. Lost asc ghillie. Asc sword, asc pick, mc hatchet, asc xbow, mc shotty, asc fur hat, asc sickle and a few other things that was there. WHY and HOW?! Sooo many materials to recraft it all. Why dropping new dlc when game still doesn’t work in its original form???????????????? And nothing died!
  3. Try to go to your normal server and download character. It may have copied it onto the server you’re on and now you have 2 but ones stuck lol.
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