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  1. BossAlyssa

    Update won't even start

    I can't even get the update to START. it's in the update section, I select it, it goes into the que then disappears. I've done a hard restart, gone in through "manage game", tried to load game, etc etc etc..... I'm really starting to think this was not worth the money to buy now.
  2. BossAlyssa

    PVE Crashing / Losing Progress

    Tried again today; doing the same steps from last time but no avail. let everything load in for 35 minutes, started playing and within 15 minutes - crashed. didn't bother to try again.
  3. BossAlyssa

    PVE Crashing / Losing Progress

    UPDATE: I loaded the game and let it sit as indicated above for 35 minutes. I then started moving around base collecting resources; on foot, normal speed. We are now at 1:24 with no crash. I will attempt to ride a dino around base and see what happens. UPDATE: 2:45 on timer and I've flown around, tamed 2 dinos, collected tons of resources and still no crash!!! This is great, whatever is working. I've never been able to play single player for almost 3 hours with no issue. Maybe letting it sit and load for the 35 minutes when I started this morning was helpful. UPDATE: Played for 5 hours straight and NO crashes! Jumping off to play Aberration with friends and will jump back into single player on Ragnorak afterwards. Hopefully letting it sit and load was the trick, will play around and see what happens and provide updates. Thanks!
  4. I've been seeing a lot of this issue being posted and not seeing any responses from those who can offer some insight or... sympathy... for this issue. I've bought the game, the DLC, played on a hosted server with friends, had no issues of game crashing. Update goes out, I start a Single Player and now, like most on here, game is crashing every 15 minutes or so. When this happens, I lose progress back to whatever the last save was, which I can't seem to find what those settings are. I'm playing Single Player, Non-Dedicated Server, Ragnorak, XboxOne. As we speak - I have started the game, set a timer and not moved my character from the position it loaded into. Timer is at 26:52 with no crash yet. This tells me there is a loading issue. Previously, game would crash every 15 minutes or so no matter what task I was doing, if I was riding or flying, or even location did not seem to matter. Game crashes and sends me back to the Xbox Home screen. I have reached out to Wildcard on Twitter, no response. I see others have reached out to technical support, no response. Is this a problem they plan on fixing??? This is a full release game now. People need to know that they haven't paid for something that doesn't work properly and that the developers aren't just ignoring this. Do they even have a Community Manager??
  5. BossAlyssa

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    same issue here... PVE, Non-dedicated server, Ragnorak. crashes every 15 minutes or so, doesn't matter what I'm working on, where I'm at, or anything like that. I lose whatever progress I've made and have to load the game back up. Been searching all over the social media for some kind of acknowledgment from Wildcard and nothing. not a thing.
  6. BossAlyssa

    Constant Crashing on single player SE

    yep, been having the exact same problem and not seeing anything being acknowledged about it. I have found that I play for about 10 minutes, then exit out of the game and it seems to hard save my progress, but if I'm into something and forget, it crashes about every 15 minutes and I lose progress. it's a pain in the butt to constantly exit out and quite honestly, we shouldn't have too. We've paid for the game, we should have a game that works.
  7. BossAlyssa

    is single player ever going to be fixed?

    Greetings, thank you for posting about this. I have been experiencing some of the same issues as you. I'm playing PVE on a non-dedicated server and it has been crashing A LOT and when I start the game back up I have anywhere from 10 minutes to even 45 minutes of lost progress. I've checked to see if you can adjust auto saving time and it appears as though you can't? I am knew to gaming and not familiar with the troubleshooting, technical stuff, ect. I play on XboxOne. I have uninstalled and reinstalled yesterday, seemed to work better when I was playing last night then it crashed again. Crashed again this morning, so I did another hard reset, unplugged the power cord, held in start button to drain the power/cache, waited about 5 minutes, then went back in. Hasn't crashed yet but haven't been on long. One thing I have found is once I obtain a dino or much needed resource, I run back to base quickly, and exit to main menu. Seems to save at that point, then I go back into the game. The crashing doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason or even consistent frequency. I was playing with a group of friends on a dedicated server and never had this crashing issue. Hope they fix this game soon. I absolutely love it but can't stand the loss of progress. (sorry for the lengthy reply)