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  1. So you've basically paid for the game once and paid for the DLC twice ........
  2. We need a fix I have the same problem
  3. just use the keyboard and mouse for the time being to stop hearing this rubbish
  4. I just updated to build 793.16 on windows 10 xbox play anywhere version of the game, its never happened before. This deadly annoying, how am I supposed to play PVP now every one can hear me whistle as I look at any dino!
  5. Just to let you know I bought the Xbox version and the Windows 10 version of Ark didn't register that I bought the pass. All the other content works tho !
  6. there is a problem with xbox and windows 10 genesis season pass! 2 versions of Ark: Genesis are on the microsoft store. All other xbox ark survival content is xbox play anywhere and a single version. why do we need to purchase this twice now?
  7. Even if I click on the Season Pass in Windows 10 version of Ark main title screen nothing happens.
  8. same for me too I thinking of getting a refund until the matter is fixed
  9. Genesis addon Xbox/windows10 There seems to be a problem with the new Genesis Season Pass on the Microsoft store. All other content from Scorched to Extinction has registered the DLC in Windows 10 because of Xbox Play Anywhere. I've purchased the pass on the Xbox store, the Xbox version of Ark has registered the addon. The windows 10 version of Ark Has Not registered the Genesis Pass addon! Even if I click on the Season Pass in Windows 10 version of Ark main title screen nothing happens.
  10. I mean when you are running a boosted server, what would the command be for changing the damage value of dino turret mode in the .ini file ? The Damage is only giving me 20 per bullet
  11. how do you change the damage value for this setting of dino turret mode?
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