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  1. Download Dododex https://www.overwolf.com/app/TristanGames-Dododex Download Arkbuddy https://www.overwolf.com/app/TristanGames-Arkbuddy As you may know, I'm not the creator of the Dododex app, but I was given permission to create a version for the Overwolf appstore. The Dododex app lets you get tame, breeding, and knockout data on creatures with more to be added. Arkbuddy for overwolf gives you the same tools from the webapp, and the ability to add a crosshair overlay to any server.
  2. Hey, I created Arkbuddy and the resource calculator you see under third-party tools on Dododex. I have combined both of those into a Discord bot. https://top.gg/bot/676956513201291266 You can change the bot prefix with !change prefix whatever you want (ex - !change prefix ,) Changes the prefix to , It has most calculators from the Arkbuddy webapp and will continue to grow with it. You can craft any item you want with the craft command (ex - !craft 12 bow) You can get tame data straight from the Dododex website with the tame command (ex - !tame 112 raptor) a
  3. Cloning Chamber Calculator I had a few requests to make a cloning chamber calculator, so I made one. Choose your dino and its level, then it'll tell you how many element shards you'll need and how long it'll take. https://tristan.games/apps/clonecalc/ If you like it, share it with your friends.
  4. Can my calculators be considered for Fan Ark Friday? https://tristan.games/apps/arkbuddy/ https://tristan.games/apps/resourcecalc/
  5. I made a couple calculators for Ark https://tristan.games/apps/forcefield/ https://tristan.games/apps/charcoal https://tristan.games/apps/campfire https://tristan.games/apps/forge https://tristan.games/apps/tekgen
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