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  1. I made a Discord bot that scrapes tame data from Dododex I made this bot for Discord, called Arkbuddy. You call it with !tame <dino> <level> <taming multiplier> <consumption> <dino> is the only one required though, it will fill in everything else if you don't. It also has Tame Roulette built in, so you can get a random dino to tame, then get info on what to tame it with. You can call Tame Roulette with !tameroulette or !tr https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?&client_id=676956513201291266&scope=bot
  2. I made a Discord bot for Tame Roulette Now you can get a random dinosaur to tame straight from your Discord server, just call it with !tameroulette https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?&client_id=676956513201291266&scope=bot&permissions=8
  3. I created a webapp to help you keep track of all of your dinos I was asked to make this a few months ago and forgot about it, so I made and thought I'd share it. https://tristan.games/apps/dinolog/ You can enter what dino it is, a nickname, and some notes about it. I plan on letting users upload custom pictures later, but didn't think it was that important right now. If you like it, share it
  4. Awesome, I'll try and add it to Arkbuddy and add the new dinosaurs if I can get the data for them. Later I'll try making it in Vue,
  5. @arkark Crumplecorn is open source isn't it? If so I'll look into it. If the creator is ok with it, I'll work it into Arkbuddy.
  6. @Luewen I'll see what I can do, that will be on Arkbuddy (and Dododex) soon.
  7. I wasn't told I had replies to this, sorry about that. @Oldster Do you mean something like this? https://tristan.games/apps/recipecalc/
  8. What kind of calculators do you want to be made? I've made a bunch of tools for Ark, but I'm bored and want to make more, preferable ones that help out Alpha tribes (I don't have many calculators for them) You can check out the ones I've made HERE
  9. Cloning Chamber Calculator I had a few requests to make a cloning chamber calculator, so I made one. Choose your dino and its level, then it'll tell you how many element shards you'll need and how long it'll take. https://tristan.games/apps/clonecalc/ If you like it, share it with your friends.
  10. Resource Calculator With the recent update and newer players joining I thought I'd share the resource calculator I made. https://tristan.games/apps/resourcecalc/ I also have other tools for the game here https://tristan.games/apps/arkbuddy/
  11. Custom Recipe Calculator I made a simple calculator for the custom recipes for some friends and thought I'd share it here too. https://tristan.games/apps/recipecalc/
  12. It's a really useful feature and I thought it'd fit perfectly. I downloaded the images from Dododex, I hope that was OK. I probably should've asked first.
  13. Sounds like an interesting idea, I'd watch it. Thanks for the support
  14. Bored and want to tame something, but you don't know what? Then use Tame Roulette to get a random dino to tame with easy access to Dododex for when you find something you want to tame. https://tristan.games/apps/tameroulette/
  15. Can my calculators be considered for Fan Ark Friday? https://tristan.games/apps/arkbuddy/ https://tristan.games/apps/resourcecalc/
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