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  1. On 3/27/2018 at 12:20 PM, ArkRaptorBuilder said:


    I have seen in the new community crunch that there are sales and was wondering why the offer have not shown up on xbox. 

    I am sure it says abberation is 15% off for xbox and i was going to by it but it doesn't show that the price has gone down. Is it because I am in europe and the deals are only for USA? 

    As always you guys are amazing, enjoy your hard work. Can't wait for your reply. 

    Yours sincerely,  


    I love your positivity man! It's so refreshing amongst all the complaints:) You're right, Wildcard does do a really good job! Thanks Wildcard!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, the new Argentavis looks amazing, it's definitely my new favorite flyer! It looks so much more like a vulture now! And I love the new saddle ability! The fact that the Spinosaurus can walk bipedally now is awesome as well!!! I do still really wish that all of the carry-able animals like the Dodo would get a petting option once tamed, it would make it so much more interactive. But everything looks great Studio Wildcard, thank you!!!

  3. On 11/10/2017 at 11:52 PM, Hawkin said:

    RAGNAROK UPDATE NOT COMING UNTIL DECEMBER for consoles? 2-3 months after the PC update came out? What happened to keeping consoles in line with PC? NTM Aberration is massively delayed. Consoles won't see that poop until spring. WILDCARD has the laziest worse Devs in the Pro gaming world. DON'T BUY THE DLC UNTIL ITS ACTUALLY OUT! See if you actually want to play it in 2024.

    There's no need to go hating on the devs, they do a fantastic job. And as you know Aberration came out way before spring!

  4. On 12/16/2017 at 3:18 AM, ArkCreation said:

     The dire wolf looks Good.  It’s definitely a different choice, rather a different artist? The  T Rex looks less like a Tyrannosaurus and more like the reaper in aberration.  I do not like the new T. Rex. The other design was fine the way it was. As far as the T Rex roar I would like the original one back before it was changed during the flyer nerf. It sounded much more menacing and powerful. Right now he sounds like a pussy cat. Is there a possibility of going back to the original roar?

    I do have to disagree about the Rex's roar, I think the original roar sounded too much like an elephant. But about the "look" of the T-rex? I totally agree with you! I am an avid Tyrannosaurus rex fan (call me a fanboy if you want, but), this new model looks too dragony (I know that's not really a word). I love the Rex the way it is!!! The New Gigantopithecus looks great, but the new Direwolf model looks too much like a modern day Grey Wolf in my opinion. I'm a huge fan of ARK, no matter what! But if any devs are reading this, is there anyway the T-rex could stay the same (or at least the head), or at least let any already tamed rex's get an option to stay as the old model? Thank you for your time consideration! And whatever you end up doing, I fully support you and the entire ARK team, You all ROCK!!!!!!

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