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  1. I submitted an application and look forward to hearing back. And... I finally found the favorite color and code word. Don't know how I missed it. hopefully I will be hunting in a forest near you. GT Rxan
  2. Ark RP Medieval Kingdoms Server

    Any word on why the server is down or when it will be back up?
  3. Ark RP Medieval Kingdoms Server

    I just applied to join this server, any kingdom need another person. I hope to farm/cook and build a tavern. gamer tag: Rxan
  4. Primitive Plus The Island PvP

    Server is up and running join now while there are plenty of places to build! taming x3 xp x3 gather x5 hatch/mature x6
  5. Primitive Plus PvP Xbox server join and do whatever you want. Server name: THR0BERTRAM0AN 0=zero I will post the rates tomorrow, otherwise join and find out
  6. Obtaining a quetz on xbox

    I used the grappling hook on my speed argy, then used the spy glass to "attack target" until I caught up with the quetz then whistle stop take some shots and repeat
  7. Scorched Earth Technical/Detail FAQ! (Ongoing)

    Can I run both the island and scorched Earth on Xbox one?(player dedicated) How do I go about doing that?
  8. Leech Blood

    I just hope they give an option to remove them from Xbox, I never liked this idea. As mentioned above 30min debuff would be annoying, but acceptable.
  9. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Are we getting the vertical flyer gates? (Digest 19 stated early November 2015) Are we getting double doors? (mentioned in Digest 22) Can we get an option to remove the leeches?(already fixed! Thanks devs!) I'm on Xbox, so no mods or ini files for me.
  10. Tribe Manager App

    This sounds great! I would love a "To do list" to keep my tribe working towards projects. Maybee make it so a tribe member could check off supplies as they get them. I think this would be a great help. I'm on my phone sorry for the errors.
  11. Post taming effectiveness calc?

    Thank you for the reply. I was afraid that would be the answer, however I will start recording the pre/post taming stats and post them here. Maybee we will find something!
  12. Xbox One Private deticated server So first I hope that there is a calculator for this, if not hopefully someone can help me learn a little. I'm starting to tame Rex's for breeding, but I would like to know how to calculate what stats will be post tame assuming taming effectiveness stays perfect. in my case breeding times are x6, so for a 120 rex 9 kibble=99.58% so it would end at 179. Is there a way to calculate what 4800 health(16% or 19 points) would end up being after taming? does it stay within the same percent of points spent in each stat? -lvl 179 16% ~28.5 points 6700 health Thank you!
  13. ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    Can we get some kind of item sorting system, kind of like the hoppers in minecraft? This way we could drop all items into a machine that would then sort items Into boxes. Thank you!