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  1. I submitted an application and look forward to hearing back. And... I finally found the favorite color and code word. Don't know how I missed it. hopefully I will be hunting in a forest near you. GT Rxan
  2. Ark RP Medieval Kingdoms Server

    Any word on why the server is down or when it will be back up?
  3. Ark RP Medieval Kingdoms Server

    I just applied to join this server, any kingdom need another person. I hope to farm/cook and build a tavern. gamer tag: Rxan
  4. Primitive Plus The Island PvP

    Server is up and running join now while there are plenty of places to build! taming x3 xp x3 gather x5 hatch/mature x6
  5. Primitive Plus PvP Xbox server join and do whatever you want. Server name: THR0BERTRAM0AN 0=zero I will post the rates tomorrow, otherwise join and find out
  6. Obtaining a quetz on xbox

    I used the grappling hook on my speed argy, then used the spy glass to "attack target" until I caught up with the quetz then whistle stop take some shots and repeat
  7. Taming Rock Elementals

    I just tamed a lvl 16 last night with cannon/paracer. Took 4 or 5 shots to the head to knock out. If your doing 1500 dam then your hitting the body. Also when you hit its head it will do a special animation.
  8. Scorched Earth Technical/Detail FAQ! (Ongoing)

    Can I run both the island and scorched Earth on Xbox one?(player dedicated) How do I go about doing that?
  9. Scorched Earth Thread

    ... I was happy with their progress on the game.... Now I'm disgusted... They should have spent the time on the original game, that is always stated as "Alpha".
  10. Baby dino interactions

    Does this work for the dimorphodons(non-rideable dinos), if they are set to follow?
  11. Dimorphodon

    First off I love the Dimorphodons! I would like to see them get a saddle not only for the armor, but so that I could have my mesopithicus ride a dimo! Unfortunatly I'm on Xbox, so mods aren't an option
  12. Vampire Bat Disease

    I hate all diseases, completly don't like the ideas at all. That being said, if they keep including the server option to disable them, then I'm all for it. Just because I hate it doesn't mean nobody else should have it.

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Great fixes, and the option to remove the feature completely.

    I just hope they give me a setting (Xbox) to remove them completely, nothing about this sounds fun or exciting.
  15. Leech Blood

    I just hope they give an option to remove them from Xbox, I never liked this idea. As mentioned above 30min debuff would be annoying, but acceptable.