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  1. Do Away with PGMs

    Or develop them into a half functional state and maybe people will use them.
  2. Any good Lightning wyvern names

    Called mine Magnus.
  3. PGMs need love

    I completely agree. Procedural maps really could have been something, but instead they've been left half finished. Obelisks, the missing biomes (including SE and Ab is the player has access to them), and caves could all make it worth playing on.
  4. Persistent Nameless Server Option

    When Aberration first released, Nameless when buried would remain until a player crossed over that area again. This included any Nameless in the Fertile zone, and even on other maps such as the Island if they were spawned there. This created the problem of them endlessly building numbers and spreading over the map. Wildcard noticed this quickly before it became a real problem and patch it so they were only persistent in the dark areas of Aberration. What I would like is for persistent Nameless to be a server option, allowing them to remain when buried like their pre patch behavior, even on maps other than Aberration. This will allow unofficials to run infestation and apocalypse style servers where the players have to contend with the massive threat of this endlessly spreading horde.
  5. Scorched Earth Ascension to Aberration?

    All we've heard is that it might be planned at some point. The Helena explorer notes mention that it is at the ruins of a destroyed city in the south/southeast of the map.