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  1. ComradeJenkens

    Update on Conquest Servers

    Press F to pay respects to conquest.
  2. ComradeJenkens

    NEW Extinction Mini Teaser Predictions

    Clearly an Exo-Toa mech suit.
  3. ComradeJenkens

    Brand New Extinction Teasers!

    It's interesting that there seems to be multiple blue obelisks on this map. No clue why. Been trying to speculate what the colours mean since Ark came out. Also hopefully we get a good selection of biomes. Both the snow and the underground forest area look interesting, and are a nice contrast to the corrupted badlands and the abandoned city. Maybe the obelisks have something to do with keeping life going in those areas?
  4. ComradeJenkens

    Future "Ice Age" or "Frozen Wasteland" DLC

    Pretty sure Extinction will be the last story DLC, but no way in hell are the devs going to just drop one of the most popular games on steam after it is done. More single biome maps similar to scorched earth would be nice, and an ice themed one would be interesting. As for the cold making it too difficult, maybe sections of the map could just be coniferous forest round the edge, with it getting colder towards the exterior of the map? (world border could be frozen mountains) There are plenty of other options for themed arks as well. An ocean map with the only land being small tropical/volcanic islands, or maybe a huge jungle with trees so large that most gameplay takes place in the canopy, with the dark, swamp filled undergrowth being highly dangerous.
  5. ComradeJenkens

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    I can't picture them abandoning Ark when it's one of the top played games still. If it continues to do well I suspect they will do a few more tlc passes, then make a new, non story dlc map. Still holding out for some kind of water world Ark.
  6. ComradeJenkens

    The Tek Rex Good or Bad

    What I want to know is the lore reason behind suddenly introducing tek dinos to the island. If more and more are being added in the run up to extinction, does it show the Arks are starting to malfunction?
  7. Would really like to see them become stand alone dinos. I'd be fine with them having the same abilities as the dinos they were reskins of, but with tweaked stats. Being able to breed them would be nice as well.
  8. ComradeJenkens

    Anyone else dying for a preview of the third dlc

    Watch (or play) the aberration ascension. It gives a few second view of the next DLC at the end.
  9. ComradeJenkens

    Do Away with PGMs

    Or develop them into a half functional state and maybe people will use them.
  10. ComradeJenkens

    Any good Lightning wyvern names

    Called mine Magnus.
  11. ComradeJenkens

    PGMs need love

    I completely agree. Procedural maps really could have been something, but instead they've been left half finished. Obelisks, the missing biomes (including SE and Ab is the player has access to them), and caves could all make it worth playing on.
  12. ComradeJenkens

    Persistent Nameless Server Option

    When Aberration first released, Nameless when buried would remain until a player crossed over that area again. This included any Nameless in the Fertile zone, and even on other maps such as the Island if they were spawned there. This created the problem of them endlessly building numbers and spreading over the map. Wildcard noticed this quickly before it became a real problem and patch it so they were only persistent in the dark areas of Aberration. What I would like is for persistent Nameless to be a server option, allowing them to remain when buried like their pre patch behavior, even on maps other than Aberration. This will allow unofficials to run infestation and apocalypse style servers where the players have to contend with the massive threat of this endlessly spreading horde.
  13. ComradeJenkens

    Scorched Earth Ascension to Aberration?

    All we've heard is that it might be planned at some point. The Helena explorer notes mention that it is at the ruins of a destroyed city in the south/southeast of the map.