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  1. Can you please make storage organization work better? e.g. If you are in a specific folder and you transfer items into the box/vault, the items you are transferring with "move all items" or with "T" should transfer into the folder you got opened in the storage! Please, it will help saving so much wasted time!!!
  2. Could you please fix the problem of tribes blocking all the airdrops and ARK's, so nobody can transfer/download/upload anything anymore? This destroys the whole awesome cluster idea :(( On the SE map the big tribe blocked everything and now they are the only tribe who is active on that server, nobody can't really do sth about it cause everything is blocked.. this is really frustrating.. - Also could u fix that HP symbol bug everyone got every now and then? (: - In my opinion since you guys increased the cost of metal Behe gates again, you maybe could atleast give them a bit more of HP (atleast the doorway so if the door is broken into, the gateway is atleast still there so you only need to repair the door itself) - Maybe some more beaver and dams on the island? What the center map got to much of, the island def got them super rarely - More Giga spawns on the island? It def feels like they are much more rare than on the center :(( Thank you WC
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