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  1. MoralDK

    [TheIsland] WCIF Scuba Tank?

  2. MoralDK

    Most ANNOYING Thing About ARK?

    The chat interface.
  3. MoralDK

    Can alpha raptors dismount you too?

    I can't find where I read it, but I believe they did disable alpha raptors dismount ability.
  4. You don't have to know the scissor engram to use them do you? That's the first thing i'd check.
  5. MoralDK

    Pillars pillars pillars...

    I'm dying to know if selling land violates the rules. And if so, if it's enforced.
  6. MoralDK

    Pillars pillars pillars...

    Pillars don't block like foundations. Pillars can protect spawns.
  7. MoralDK

    Pillars pillars pillars...

    I play PVE official. Pillars make good neighbors, protect resources, and waterways. I know it's frustrating at first, but most of the time I think pillars are justified.
  8. MoralDK

    "When I was a newbie..."

    That's right! It was a lot of stuff, wasn't it?
  9. MoralDK

    "When I was a newbie..."

    When I was a newbie and the fridge first came out, the E key would turn it off and on. Not open it like it does now.
  10. Mate boosting only decreases baby food consumption. The imprint bonus is there regardless. It's been my experience that the babies can fall out of the pouch if unrendered.
  11. MoralDK

    This Raporting Raptors!

    I completely agree. Raptors spawn everywhere. Beaches used to be a trade off, less resources but more safety. Is anywhere on the island safe from dismounting spawns now?