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  1. How to reroll chibi this event ? Last event if you had excess amount of chibi of the same creature you could toss inside the forge to re-roll the chibi , but in this event seems they no longer do it , or is there another method ? And if there is no method , please let us re roll the chibi,i crafted so many chibi and they gonna fill up the vault soon .
  2. Need escape mechanic for Thyla and Raptor . When a Thyla grab you it is over , you barely have time to fight back unless you go full shotgun but let be real , very few people carry shotgun all the time , the same goes with Raptor and theirs bs pounce you on Stego.
  3. You can harvest main element node claimed by other . Without fail every single time , tested with friends and troll also do this recently a lot . What is the point of claiming the node if everyone can farm it with mantis when the wave end ? Thief just gonna wait till then end and quickly move in to steal and undermine all your hard work .
  4. The only thing magmasaur better than anky is that only big dino agro on it .
  5. TR-8R

    Bee transfer to Gen

    or try to tame one in genesis ?
  6. So any official words on this issue ? If they aren't gonna help us , they should just post here so i don't have to keep waiting ....
  7. And funny enough , it drop egg like normal dino.....
  8. I lost all my tek engram save for the tek sensor , yet my implant still show me already defeat bosses . Oh and i haven't transferred out during the time of updating .
  9. Where my tek Engrams ? After the big update i suddenly can't use my teleporter , when i check for my tek engram , there is nothing in the tab . It back to 2 years ago .
  10. Genesis server NA - PVE - 608 I was waiting at the " Home is where the pouch is " terminal for my ferox to revert back to small form and boom it gone , deleted by anti-meshing .
  11. Anti-meshing destroy tamed Ferox . I was on the open field , sloped hill , waiting for my ferox to transform back to small form and boom , it vanished because of anti meshing . If you have time , go back to your base and wait there , or risk of getting your tamed ferox destroy by the wacky anti meshing .
  12. No , i fking hate that pounce , it make most medium mount useless , heck one time it even managed to get me off wyvern . It should be for tamed raptor , not wild raptor .
  13. Anti dupe need to be on PVE too , people also crashing server there .
  14. Transferring between server is currently disable as they are installing the anti-dupe system.....
  15. There is no way to avoid the splash damage , no one gonna answer your question anyways because there is no known way to start with high taming eff . One theory is that the cannon goes through the head and hit body .
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