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  1. actually, what i said is very accurate, because many game breaking exploits go on for days or even weeks before being handed...many game breaking bugs are still present in this game and have been for many months. the whole flyer carry was just an idea i had, i could really care less if its implemented. ive been tameing normally since EA began so i makes very little difference to me. you think the only thing that has priority to be fixed is dismounts on disconnects??? do you even play this game lol. how about the game breaking lag experienced for months. Or how about that a vast majority of the community cant even get on some of their servers since last major update. I wasnt able to get on my SE server for weeks without having to completely repair my Ark file every time i wanted to get on it and even then i would have 30 mins tops to do stuff on my SE server till the game would have 10 to 15 min lag spikes with 5 mins of clarity in between. Or how about the terrible amount of crit errors present in the game. Or how about the incredible amount of babies vanishing from bases, or possibly even the fact that babies wont even eat half the time. Maybe the fact that because of poor programming the servers all say we can have a max of 70 players yet on pve you cant even support 40 active people because your more then likely going to hit server dino cap (which btw as the game grows 400 dino tame max per tribe isnt going to help crap because people will just end up going solo and you will have 40 solo tribes with 400 dinos, which oh wait the game cant even handle 15 solo players with 400 dinos) also if you get anything over 25 people online at a time you experience and tremendous amount of lag. How about the fact that dinos spawn at a ridiculous rate INSIDE of peoples completely enclosed buildings and kill off their dinos. Also rock spawns still will cause dinos to vanish into thin air with no tribe log to show what has happend to it. How about that every time my tribemate logs in they have to relog a good 2 to 5 times to get dislodged from the floor he keeps getting stuck in at log in. Honestly...i could make this list go on forever, i havent even touched base on the game breaking exploits. As ive stated before, i love the game, its very creative and has tons of potential. But it is being severely mishandled right now. I get pushing out the content as fast as possible to get the game closer to release, thats great and all but this game is so very far from release. Content is the least of their worries.
  2. You do realize how much more corrupt the game will be if they just ignore game bugs and push more content out that has more bugs that won't be fixed causeing even more problems. Can almost promise you what's going to eventually happen. Once they FINALLY release all their content, there will be so many bugs and so many old bugs buried in a pile of code and potentially hard coded in at that point that they will have no choice but to wipe servers. Which maybe that's their game plan, I don't know. Frankly I don't really care anymore.
  3. Titans are one of the easiest things to move, do it all the time to either drown/trap them. You hit them, fly up and it follows you accrossed the map, doesn't stop to attack random things, just follows. Because of their size they move incredibly fast. Look all I'm saying is that if some one really wants to grief it's going to happen regardless. Not to mention there are many other ways to grief then just dragging. I've been around since day one and have seen these improvements aswell to stop griefing. But it's been months since any further improvements have happend. Call me cynical but I'll just call it noticing the obvious.
  4. Lol yup, I'm sure they are just working their tails off trying to figure out how to eliminate griefers...Like I said...people kidding themselves. How many more updates have to come out with new content on them and no bug fixes before people realize that it's not going to happen...Atleast not anytime soon. I also fail to see how dragging a titan to a base is any more difficult then dropping a carno in someones base. OK so I can drop a carno in someones base which granted if persons Dino's are on passive it will kill them but it will take for freaking ever to wipe a base. Or I could drag a titan over that will wipe a base in mins. I'd say either way is easy. Might as well make life easier for honest people to tame. I realize this will probably never happen but I do know when the update came out a few months ago and PvE flyer carry was turned on accidently for over a day and all the servers I played on had no issues with griefing. I'm sure that's not the case with every server but maybe we stop punishing the honest for what the bad eggs do and actually being on the ban hammer.
  5. Allowing flyer carry in PVE I understand why this was not allowed at first. But now we have gotten to the point where their are certain tribes of a different ethnic group (won't point any fingers :P) that are pulling gigas, titans, wyverns, and rock eles on a daily basis to try to completely wipe servers to make it so they are the only ones left. Nothing it being done about these griefers so we might as well make life simpler for people on PvE and allow flyer carry so we can atleast tame things easier. Will it cause some problems??? Ya I'm sure it will. But be honest with yourselves, the people that would cause problems because of flyer carry would have done so without flyer carry.
  6. We raised a group of wyverns just before the event started and had no issues with them. So I'm guessing it was actually the event patch that introduced the bug.
  7. Your not going to get any thing back and expecting you will, will only anger you further. They don't care, if that much isn't obvious to everyone by now don't know what else to say other than this...There has been dozens of posts on Dino's disappearing in the last week. Not one of them have a dev response on them. But yet there are many other topics in the last week that they have responded to that really are not big issues
  8. We lost 20 baby wyverns princess...We feel your pain
  9. Ya we lost 20 baby wyverns this way and it has cause us to finally say screw this game for a while, so we are killing off everything we have that we don't want to keep alive for the next few months. We will come back once all the new content is out and they are going through the bugs to actually make this game playable again.
  10. Yup, great business model. Annoy the customer base for months till there's nobody left (before I get a smart butt comment, I realize that they are still around the top on steam charts, doesn't mean they are keeping customer base just means they are getting new suckers :P). I love the game, has a ton of potential, but is being severely held back by its development staff. Now I'm not saying that because they are doing the wrong things in the sense of the game. They are super creative and have great ideas on many many things but obviously they have an issue with the size of their staff. They just are way ahead of themselves right now and continuing to bring out new content while not fixing old bugs...Anyone who knows even a little bit about coding and programming knows that doesn't mean the old bugs are just going to disappear. In fact in most cases the new bugs can amplify old ones making them even worse. So you take all this into account I'm guessing at minimum there's gonna be atleast another 4 to 6 months of new content (4 to 6 months of new bugs). What do you think the state of the game will be then? It's already unplayable in most cases, I for instance haven't been able to get on my SE server in a week because it just keeps saying I time out or battle eye is screwed up. Lost 20 baby wyverns to a bug a couple of days ago and have been battling dino cap issues all week. Also up untill about a week ago our server didn't have a wild dino on it for months. Am dealing with our tames getting killed daily by freak pego spawns. Other Dino's are somehow spawning inside our base. Dealt with a asian tribe dragging rock eles on everyone's bases for months untill they finally got banned and it wasn't even for their griefing it was because they cursed to much. All these issues are problems almost everyone in the community is or has delt with at one time. Anyway this is extremely off topic and not helpful so I'll probably get warned or banned but w/e, I'm taking an extended break from the game anyway in hopes eventually they will be able to make this game playable again because like I said before I love the game it's just going in a really bad direction. On a side note from what catchakers is saying there is no real effort in notifying the community of very serious bugs such as "hey guys if you hatch 40 wyverns right now good chance that they are gonna disappear." Instead we all just waste our time and anger ourselves on many many hours lost.
  11. Don't know if this was shocking to you or not, but it shouldnt be. Ignoring major bugs is what they have been doing best since game started. #morenewcontentplz
  12. I'm going through and reading the dozens of very serious bugs going on right now and most are just from vday event (I'm not even reading the ones that I know have been bugs for months) and not once in any of those threads do I see a response from dev team. Is this thread here just for players to warn other players of the consequences of playing this game? Or could we maybe actually see that these problems are being worked on? Even a simple acknowledgement of "we are working on it" would suffice rather then just make people think there loss is for none. I guess my expectations should be low considering almost every ticket I've put in has gotten me an automated response back 5+ days later lol.
  13. Lost 20 baby wyverns last night, got them through their first imprint (so they where already juvi) logged on this morning and poof all gone no death message and where all full food when I went to sleep. This includes 6 rare colored fire wyverns. I finally got my all black fire wyvern that I had been hatching for months to get. All lvls between 150 and 180. Better yet I look on the forum and this is happening to tons of people. So I ask you devs where is a response to this? Where is "we are working on it". Maybe a game wide message saying we are currently experiencing issues with baby wyverns ATM hatch at your own risk. We are currently investigating the issue...Nope instead I'm sure we will get the typical bs response of denial followed by alpha game excuse. Because we all know you guys are just to darn busy getting new content ready to fix any of these bugs that you create with devistating force along the way. You guys are a joke.
  14. does anyone know if you can stack stat mutations, say if i had a rex with hp mutation and then another rex from a seperate bloodline that had a hp mutation. can i combine them and get 2 hp stat mutations and actually have 2 extra lvls in hp on top of the other 2 i already got from the previous mutation.
  15. dev team please let us know you are looking into this...this is a serious issue since majority of the transactions that are going on on your trade forums are fert dino eggs...your going to have a lot of VERY upset people if there is a bug that is deleting babies...lots of people are going to be on the bad end of a lost trade.