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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. 272.3 Update Causing Crash

    expect a fix incoming, what you wont expect is the 10 other things that will be ruined in the process of fixing this.
  2. 272.3 Update Causing Crash

    ya it fixed it for me too, just super dumb. theres a reason i had ground clutter turned off, and it wasnt because i wanted you guys to optimize it.
  3. 272.3 Update Causing Crash

    this is insane, over 50+ crit errors just trying to get my wyvern back to base and many deaths later, you guys have got to be one of the worst developers/testers ive seen. Every update has to come with strings attached like, he you know that update a while ago when we fixed dinos from falling through the floor, well that doesnt work anymore because of last update, hey we are going to optimize things! but its going to make it so you cant be online for longer then 5 secs. heres a tip, maybe actually try testing your damn updates before you release them. YOU ARE NOT IN EARLY ACCESS ANYMORE, STOP ACTING LIKE IT!
  4. Future of Legacy Servers

    I heard from one of my friends that the intention is to delete 33% of legacy servers every 3 months till they are all gone. i know about the ability to rent servers of your save data but im not interested in that. is it true that they plan on continue closeing these servers? and if it is does anyone have the link to that information?

    best part about this whole thing, this doesnt even stop the duping, it just delays it. So basicly they did this to screw over hundreds of people out of legacy servers and then used the excuse of "we did this to stop duping". Which it doesnt even stop lol. I dont think a duper cares if it takes him to 30 mins to get an extra 400 tek walls compared to 3 mins. You guys must think we are all just idiots lol.
  6. twin dinosaurs

    nop, not a game feature, just a super awesome R&G feature
  7. Pretty serious bug with baby dinos

    another quick update with this. Seems that the babies dont just eat a bunch of food when they come out of stasis. Tested it and found that babies inventories had nothing but spoiled meat in their inventories when i logged on after a couple of hours and checked their bags because they die literally the sec i log in. it wasnt enough time so the meat should have stil had like 15 meat left per stack and not completely spoiled out. So it seems that even while in stasis they are eating its just they dont go into juvi like they are supposed to to eat off troughs.
  8. Pretty serious bug with baby dinos

    i very doubt this very much. this is the same kind of talk everyone had about a plethora of different MMOs in the past on topics such as farming, xp grinding, crafting. they all start difficult and then end up simplified because of the general outcry for wanting to enjoy the game and not spending your entire time on the game grinding. do i fully agree with this, no i surely do not. because i feel there needs to be a happy medium between difficult and easy to make sure people dont get bored with your game but also not to get to difficult to where people feel they need to be removed from work/family to survive on your game. all in all this is all very off topic, and should be meant for general discussion. I was just trying to notify people of this bug currently so people dont make the same mistake i did. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  9. Pretty serious bug with baby dinos

    love all you guys that think WC has developed this game for only the people who have the time to play it and for only the hardcore gamers. If you really think this is true why do they constantly have evolution weekends? or why do you think they raised rates on everything to x2 a long time ago? They clearly want to make this game so everyone can play it you know why? So they can make money lol, its really not a hard business model to understand. if you make your game something everyone can enjoy, you do. if you make your game so only the people who have the time to play it, play it. You will end up with a lot less money.
  10. Pretty serious bug with baby dinos

    Im sorry but this is something we are just never going to agree on, this kind of thinking turns this game into way more of a job than it should be. If everyone that works on this game from wildcard played a separate game in their past time that requires as much as what your saying should be done, (mind you your only talking about one aspect of the game, not even including the many other things needed in the game to advance such as farming, caving, building, boss fights, taming, ect) this game would get no where because they would be investing all their time in a different game. Same can be said for any of us that have high hour demanding jobs, if im focusing that much time and trying to build my life around a video game to schedule things then i might as well just quit my job now. Yes i choose to play solo and i realize that is going to make certain things more difficult for me that i have no problem with. but i dont expect to be punished for being solo which is exactly what your saying is that if im not willing to be in a tribe i shouldn't be able to do certain aspects of the game which is bogus because your eliminating a very large populous of your game if you build it that way.(im not talking about boss fights or other end game content that requires multiple people to complete, obviously that would require more people to complete as it would in doing raids and dungeons in any other MMO. Im focused more on your every day activities)
  11. Pretty serious bug with baby dinos

    the last to things you mention i agree with if they wanna make it so solo players such as myself have to take a bit more time to raise stuff then fine do something so we can actually do so. but saying this is a bug fixed can in no way be correct because even if you are in a tribe, Majority of the people in your tribe are in the same or similar time zone so you have to resort to searching for someone who has different work/sleep schedules then you to try to even do breeding the way your talking. Which is a completely ridiculous idea. I have can honestly say i never used the float exploit for a mass breeding benefit or at all. Also, the point of calling breeding a tribe effort i dont understand because nothing about breeding shows me its a tribe effort other than maybe jointly filling troughs or babies inventories because you cant even imprint as a tribe unless your on an unoffical with the option turned on. If they where really interested in making a joint effort they would open imprinting to entire tribe. Edit: the way your explaining it to me is im trying to use stasis to my advantage to mass breed which doesnt make any sense. Since major update a dino should eat no more or less in stasis so i still have to farm just as much food and prep just as much as a person who is gonna be online through the duration of the baby timer. So what is the difference between me and them? we did the same amount of work, the only difference is one person is able to stay on for the duration of the baby timer and i wasnt. that is literally the only difference. At that point your no longer talking about who is putting in the work to be able to benefit from getting powerful useful dinos but who has the time to sit and look at their computer.
  12. Pretty serious bug with baby dinos

    i understand everything your saying, but understand what im saying this mechanic was never like this prior to update which means this is a new either unintended glitch or if its on purpose its a very dumb mechanic because that means people are required to be on the through the full duration of baby phase which on dinos such as rexes/gigas/quetzals and pretty much every water dino, that is not a realistic mechanic. Edit: also, structures should be rendering before dinos anyway would get rid of all the problems with dinos/babies/eggs and so on falling through floors and also wild spawns in bases but that is a different topic for a different problem.
  13. Pretty serious bug with baby dinos

    Really sorry for your lost dinos :(. but i do have to say im glad im not the only one who has been experiencing this since last major update. As i said before i have never had an issue with this (the exception of the vday event) before update.
  14. Pretty serious bug with baby dinos

    I understand what is happening but it has never happend this way before, i used to always leave babies in stasis with troughs full because i dont normally have time to stick around through entire baby phase. This should not be a normal mechanic since they made it so there is normal food consumption during stasis. Then why should stasis have any effect on how the baby mechanic works. because basically what your saying means that now people that leave their hatched dinos in stasis are punished for doing so since they will stay at whatever mature % they are at when you log off till when you log on causing them to eat an increased amount of food and potentially getting them killed in the instance with baby phase.
  15. Pretty serious bug with baby dinos

    This bug is still happening...tested it again last night. Gave it an even larger window just in case i was wrong. Took screenshots to prove what is happening. You can see the ingame day separation from hatch till when they died that alone tells you that there is no way these things should still be babies. When i logged off which was 8 hours prior to death messages the rexes where over 7% complete. Dead Babies bags: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/856096681666000283/2CBEF1366DD9CF71EB198C09C6A94270A73E09E0/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/856096681665998717/9A672AFA79CB6D2FDD57C4ACB1B2C7CB964CA2D5/ Current times and time of birth/death: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/856096681665999612/FE834F9689CB83E0B3A7AB73BD0175E32D522BA1/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/856096681665997903/2EAB02C845D8B00D1B5C79A6EFC9DBF080CE717F/ (as you can see out of all the ones i hatched i only kept two, the others i killed, but over 10 ingame day of seperation from birth to death and last i knew 1 ingame day was very close to 1 RL hour. Not sure how it translates now with the increase in day time ingame.) Proof of filled troughs: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/856096681665997407/D023771B40AC260ADCCB61FDBC7E49D58823E9FC/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/856096681665996987/794F03A66A44DBF9FBCE02835F8EC6E387EFEC87/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/856096681666023508/16B7EFF420EF4A6A1343A1129E0BC28597614B60/