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  1. @RageQuitter I'm not sure that's related but definitely seems like a bug.
  2. @Aushegun No. Harvest settings are all enabled. I've got a whole flock of argents that won't attack a dead body. Seems odd that WC would specifically set birds to not attack dead bodies. Maybe it is a bug and it'll get worked out
  3. @Aushegun No. Harvest settings are all enabled. I've got a whole flock of argents that won't attack a dead body. Unless someone can confirm that this doesn't work for them either I'll assume it's working as intended.
  4. Argentavis whistle attack dead body Is there any reason that Argents won't attack dead bodies? I can whistle other dinos to attack a dead body but not Argents. I guess the obvious reason is WC didn't want people to take easy advantage of the regen.
  5. For anyone interested, I think I finally figured out my issue. Apparently when you log out of a single player game (ie shut down the server) and then you log back in, the torpor build up gets reset. So all of the queued up biotoxins that it was fed got cleared and it resumed its rapid torpor depletion. I learned this recently while taming a giga.
  6. It hurt getting rid of them because some of them were my first tames from when I started playing Ark. They weren't very good dinos but there was sentimental value. I don't see a use for them anymore, even for eggs, because I can just my quetz/theri/giga eggs for literally everything. Plus I don't tame that much anymore anyway so I don't need the variety or the quantity anymore.
  7. @FlyinJapman4 I've tamed 10 gigas with the exact same method. I let the gigas drop torpor down to almost zero and then feed them a few hundred biotoxin and fly away. I fly back to my base and forget all about the giga until I see the tame complete in the tribe log. As I said above, for some reason this didn't work with my two mosa tames. Knowing that my first mosa tame failed, I gave my second mosa tame far more biotoxin than it should have ever needed to finish and it still failed the tame. I wound up having to babysit the mosas instead of doing like I've done for dozens of my other tames that worked just fine with the method I described above. That's why I created this thread, to see if anyone experienced something similar.
  8. @GGSDubSt3pz Please reread what I said. This isn't my first tame. I know what I'm doing. I use this taming method all the time. As I said this appears to be specific to Mosas. I force feed it biotoxins according to the ARK Smart Breeding app which indicates exactly how much biotoxin is needed for a tame based on species and level. In this case and knowing how the last time turned out, I force fed it even more biotoxin than ARK Smart Breeder said was needed and it still woke up before the tame was complete. The Mosa is a lot like a Giga in that the torpor pool is massive and you only really need to spam all the biotoxins once you let the torpor pool get low enough. I've tamed many gigas that way with no problem but like I said this has happened to me twice with Mosas. Either there is a mechanic at play with Mosas that I'm not aware of or the ARK Smart Breeding app is wrong with Mosa taming (which is unlikely given the app's popularity and historical accuracy). @Enforcer3 My game is set to single player settings so everything including taming is shortened in accordance with that. According to ARK Smart Breeding, the 85 Mosa that I attempted to tame needed 23 Quetzal kibble and 81 biotoxin and the tame would take 34 minutes. I gave it around 180 biotoxin and the tame didn't complete. That's why I think there must be something to do with me going out of render range while taming a Mosa on single player.
  9. I strictly play single player on PC and one of the mechanics I take advantage of is that I don't have to lord over my unconscious dinos while taming. It's nice to be able to find a critter, knock it out, drop in the kibble/bio toxin as needed and fly off to the next one. However, this doesn't seem to work on mosas (it might be any underwater tame but the only KO tame I do underwater is the mosa). I'll drop all the biotoxin and kibble I'll need for the tame (according to Ark Smart Breeder) and then I'll swim off but the tame doesn't complete. It's happened twice now. I just thought the first time was a fluke but now I've wasted a ton of quetzal kibble. Is there a different mechanic at play here for the mosa or underwater taming in general? Do I have to sit and stay within render distance for mosa taming?
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