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  1. Crystal wyverns + CRYOPODS = broken Past couple of days since release we been unable to cryopod the Crystal Wyverns. Today it finally worked, but they are no longer deployable? Please fix this asap, id really like to be able to store these creatures. xd and even more now, also use them again haha. i cant confirm if this is a general issue but, i can only imagine the rage if so >.<
  2. Still doesnt seem to want to work whatsoever. Tried to go out or render, killed all carbonemys around it which they seemed to obsess about but cant get their aggro. Not even by punching them/grabbing them with Tuso. Any fix inc for this or anyone found a way?
  3. tried to put the pieces together.. xd far from 100% correct but yea, interesting dino! Looks like its rather small though cant wait for new bigger dinos that we can ride, doubt this has a saddle.
  4. No, will still be food. As Wildcard made moschops rideable again (that we all were hoping for) they also stealth nerfed it down to the ground so now its a rideable useless meatbag. I am absolutely gutted because I was really looking forward to the change. Id do anything to get my derpy Moschops back that isnt rideable but is not ~70% nerfed in harvesting. Also, made no sense why you make this change without even putting it in the patchnote. The nerf was major and will change how people farm poly, both on official and unofficial servers due to this.
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