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  1. devinvbk

    ps4 main menu

    General ui scale when you hit options on your remote and go to options, when you slide the circle to the left it will make it slightly smaller use small increments
  2. devinvbk

    Is there anyway to restart SP

    When you're in the single player options before you start game you should see two icons next to the name of the map all you need to do is the delete function or go into your storage/save management and delete the map you do not want
  3. devinvbk

    Folder issues

    So idk if anyone else is as ocd or tried this yet, but since we don't have mods on console i decided to make a "pull gun" folder to easily pull the items i want that i can quick search by short letters like for metal or ingots n such. Well after doing that i went well i always carry extra stuff on me so why not make an equipment or an ammo folder as well so i have easy access and knowledge of where my stuff is when im going gathering or loot drop hunting on the surface, well to cut this long explanation short when i log out of the game, its as if my folders no longer exist, if i do i transfer all after all my items have been put in folders it works properly, but when i log out and come back on, its as if those folders don't hold the items and they're in my general 'ALL' inventory. Idk if anyone else does this but why make an option for me to be more organized and also be able to effectively transfer and move items in inventories if when i log out they no longer work? I have yet to log back in and my folders work properly.
  4. So i have played heavily since the release of PC early access, and moved to console when it was released as my brother only had ps4 and i did as well to play after the years of playing i've noticed one major lacking point in my experience on ps4 that could give me an edge when it comes to adding cross platformed servers, and my experience in combating PC gamers, and that is to try and add multiple hotbars while playing and the ability to switch on the fly. too often i need to switch between fighting and gathering and i have the speed and dexterity to do it in a pvp situation but that leads to the question why isnt there multiple hotbar options, like i have my pvp hotbar set then i double tap L1 on the ps4 remote to switch hotbars on the fly to my gathering/foods/taming item in last slot, and am able to continue my jolly adventure without a second thought just a suggestion and would love to see something of the sort implemented into the game if possible, i play many other RPGs on ps4 and one specifically came to mind when i was thinking of this and it was final fantasy 14 and how i easily have the ability to switch through 24 skills on one hotbar.
  5. Hey guys we have a small private server that we are trying to gain a community with, we have some basic pvp style rules but mainly is ORP to protekk your stuff when you're anxiously sleeping otherwise we encourage all general open world fighting and if you're raiding, do so respekktfully as this is a growing server, remember don't raid a small tribe, let them grow and get poop then go hunting. YOU DONT SHOOT A 6 POINT DEER YOU RELEASE THAT BOY AND LET HIM GROW TO BE A 10 OR 12. otherwise to find more info on the server check out our stream page as it has the most work put into it about the server thanks guys! twitch.tv/abortralley You will never be expected to follow the stream. Just holds the info that i update more often. if you have any question at all please reply, this is a password protected server as to ensure no mishaps, and that no one loses their spot as currently we are at a 10 player max until people join in on the server. Currently Is 2/10 people that actively play, there are 3 others but have not been on in about a month We are also thinking of a donation based admin system, but i have not put enough thought into that to even begin doing so. If you would like to receive the password to join and check it out, just reach on out and reply. <3 Veebeekay <- can add me on psn as well to talk further General Server Stats Current Map : Aberration Taming - x8 Harvest - x3 XP - x4 Loot - x1.25 Override Difficulty - 10 **Dino Stats Modified** Dino Lvl max - 300 Dino stats - .35 (Melee, Stam) Weight - 15 Speed - 2.5 **Player Stats Modified** Health - 3 Stamina - 2 Melee damage - 2.5 Speed - 2.5 Temperature fortitude - 5 Oxygen - 5 Weight - 15 Crafting speed - 100 **Breeding** Hatching Rate - 50 Maturation Rate - 40 Cuddle Interval - .02 Mating Interval - .04
  6. devinvbk

    Fatal Rock Drake Bug since the last Nitrado Update PS4

    Gotta love when ark decides to add an insta boot feature I don’t even get an error when it happens
  7. devinvbk

    Ravager Glitch (Natural Zip lines)

    My real question is are you guys going to fix the Ravagers mechanic of hopping on the natural zip lines, there have been too many times where i go into the bio luminescence zone from a super long natural zip line around 50x50ish (latxlong) and when i try to go back up after doing my jolly metal run i spent about 20 minutes trying to just get back on a natural zip line because it wont register. For some reason i have to literally walk away swing super wide on the zip line to even get the target to appear, and most the time even that doesn't work and i end up going back and forth idk if this is different for PC or Xbox users but as for PS4 I've been getting wrecked with this several times. there have been other zip lines as well i just cannot remember the area specifically as i'm still lost asf in this map