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  1. TacticalDash395

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Fish that hang on to certain vines in the deeper parts of the ocean and attack anything that goes through them dealing reduced speed and 15% chance of disease, Like leeches mixed with piranhas.
  2. TacticalDash395

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Dinos i want to be in ARK: Ceratosaurus (Can sniff out dino poop from a distance) Dakotaraptor (A type of raptor exclusive to the snow biome, Provides increased insulation for Hyperthermia while riding and has a pounce attack) Hatzegopetryx (Works similar to Quetz but a bit faster and has lower weight, Also harder to tame because it'd fly higher and be skittish like Tapejaras) Acrocanthosaurus (Has attack that causes 7 seconds of bleed and lowers speed similar to Allosaurus, Except its bigger and stronger and does not travel in packs, Rarer than Rex but not as rare as Giga, Also faster than Rex) Edmontosaurus (Basically a Pachys bigger brother, It will have a headbutt attack and a backwards kick attack that deals torpor and decent damage, But a bit slower than a Stego/Pachy) Sea Serpents (Deep sea snakes that are similar to Titanoboa but a bit bigger and deals 75 torpor and 10 second stamina decrease every 2 bites, faster than eels but deal less damage)
  3. TacticalDash395

    Paint Regions On Dinos

    I would like to be able to use the Spray Painter to actually paint the Color Regions on the dino all at once instead of having to slowly mask it with a paintbrush and waste about a hour of your life doing so, I think it'd be better considering it works on structures. It also would be useful for coloring bigger dinos such as a Giga or a Bronto. I'd love to be able to paint a Giga all white and name it Indominus >:D
  4. TacticalDash395


    Ark developers please release a patch for this issue ASAP. I keep freezing upon loading into official or non-official servers, and then being sent to dashboard, then having a startup crash once but it works the second time i try, but still freezing. Alot of other people are having this issue aswell, As you can see in the link below.. Please release a patch fixing this as soon as you can, Thanks. http://downdetector.com/status/ark/news/172930-problems-at-ark-survival-evolved
  5. TacticalDash395

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    I've moved to the center until a new update, Because this issue does not happen there for whatever reason, seems to be a Ragnarok only issue. I suggest just swapping to singleplayer and spawning whatever you had on rag into a different map until a patch comes out to fix this.
  6. TacticalDash395

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Alright that fixed it, Thanks for all your help! (Anyone else having this problem simply kill any aberattion dinos you have using cheats or with wild dinos) EDIT: I spoke too soon, The problem occured once again, It only happens when i'm moving my dinos around so maybe it has something to do with mount/dismount?
  7. TacticalDash395

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Ah, Ok, Fast reply caught me off guard there XD, I'll try cheat killing my aberattion dinos and see if it works.
  8. TacticalDash395

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Oh and i forgot to post what system i was on. I play on Xbox One S if that helps anyone.
  9. I play on the Ragnarok map on Ark Survival Evolved, I spawned in a few aberattion creatures (Rock Drake, Basilisk, Glowtail) to try them out before i bought the dlc, And i have not despawned them/killed them yet. And ever since the update i am always crashing every 30 or so minutes back to the Xbox Dashboard and losing alot of progress causing me to have to do it all over again, which is extremely annoying and frustrating, even when using the "saveworld" command. If anyone has a possible solution to this let me know please, Also one last thing, I have already tried uninstalling the game and my account, i've tried clearing the cache, i've tried clearing peristant storage, i've tried hard reset, i've tried turning off and on normally. It still doesen't work, But for some reason other maps like the island do not have this issue and it seems to be a problem on Ragnarok only as far as i know. Any solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. The Crash looks like this by the way; black screen and crash to dashboard. (not my video using for reference) P.S. (I tried deleting my save aswell, It didn't crash until i had about 40+ creatures and a fairly medium-small sized base with a few walls and about 50-60 tames inside, my base is at Viking Bay 1, On a offline singleplayer server, if that helps.)