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  1. Neat, hopefully the Fed tek suit can be used even on the current one as a sudo upgrade by making it not cost element. also breedable basilisks would be nice.
  2. OK, i normally defend the game when people call it halo but those are literally just two halo rings combined together, I mean, i dont dislike it, looks pretty cool and looks like a neat dlc.
  3. Thats another bug that can happen, sorry i didnt reply sooner, these things are bugged to high heck and are border line unusable. the devs seems to adamantly refuse to fix any of its bugs. its been this way for more then half a year now. safe to say nothing will change. just like the food bug and stat reset bug on relog for extinction titans on singleplayer amoung other numerous bugs, the devs rarely fix major bugs and instead spend their time nerfing everything into the ground to appease the toxic PVP crowd. the game is fun but gosh darn are these devs bad at their jobs.
  4. I have finally tested out wether newly tamed ferox stats stay the same on transformation and i am glad to say THEY STILL FREAKING DONT UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY ARE THEY SO BUGGED! here are pictures of my newly tamed (today) ferox from before its first transformation and after, stats are on top right. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2231059353 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2231059254 not only does my large ferox have different stat distribution then the small one, it also has alot less! 216 vs 144 stats in total. ITS EVEN WORSE
  5. possibly , have not tamed new ones to test yet, sort of got burned out on ark (every creature in genesis being extremely bugged/nerfed for pvp did not help with that) and am waiting for the genesis 2 trailer to reignite my interest.
  6. this is a educated guess but considering it happens only to your old ones and the ones i tested were my old ones, maybe it only happens to ones tamed before a certain point but not ones tamed after. they possibly left the bug on the old ones that had like 70+ melee to act as a nerf so that you couldnt keep their stats. of course this would need more testing to confirm if it does in fact not happen with any new tamed ones and also if true, should be tested to see if it wont randomize the stats if you breed a new one with an old one and test to see if achieving the same melee stat via melee
  7. yes, thats not what i am talking about, what i am talking about for instance is say in small form, it has 30 in melee, 30 in health, 30 in stamina, 30 in food, 30 in oxygen, 30 in speed, and 30 in weight, when it transforms, its stats would randomize and it could for instance then have 27 into health, 33 into stam, 25 into weight, 40 in speed, 25 into melee, 20 into food, and 30 into oxygen. you could for instance breed 2 small male and female ferox with the EXACT same stats and get 2 babies but when you transform both babies, they will have COMPLETELY different stats. it because ex
  8. SURPRISE SURPRISE! i just tested it after giving ark a break for a few months and the stats of the large form are STILL completely different from the stats of the small forms. this has been a bug since february AND ITS NOW JUNE! wildcard is a complete joke. they ignore so many game breaking bugs and never fix them, skylord artifact not spawning in SP, titans (major focus of end game on extinction) not being permanent in SP (despite being meant to), titans stats resetting to default (from alpha to base gamma stats) on server reset/relogging, ferox stat distribution in small form completely di
  9. well now the small ferox stats will stay the same even after first transformation BUT the big ferox stats are still distributed differently! new baby in small form always have the 37 stamn, 41 food, and 37 health even post transformation but the large form has 45 stam and worse everything else. the stat distribution in small form is now compeletely different and seprate from large form making breeding STILL worthless for them since why would you pay 21 element to have good stats only in the small shoulder form but not the large combat form. your basically stuck with what amounts to spending 2
  10. no idea, dont even have acknowledgment from the devs that they know about it or are working on it.
  11. Ya, just tested it and the stat change isnt fixed. it also gets 100% on first imprint now for me when before it only got 33%.
  12. AND they cant even breed anymore for me, got the female to 100% put both on mate and it said they were mating but there was no mating progress bar and eventually it just stopped without the female beginning to gestate. no gestation bar, nothing. GOD WHY IS THE FEROX SO UTTERLY BROKEN!! imprinting is broken, breeding is broken, taming is broken, stats are broken, levels are broken, literally everything about it is broken! did they not test this creature whatsoever before release and subsequent patches!? EDIT: baby just randomly popped out with no prior indication, guess just the ges
  13. you shouldnt balance things around duping that way because duping allows you to get anything without any effort, the only possiblity you could balance something that way would be to nerf somethings worth to be equal to said effort aka nothing, thats like raisng prices to counteract counterfitters. all it does is screw over people who legitimately earn them because you make everything that people earn legitimately worthless and trash. not only that but it almost makes it more likely to be duped because duping would be the only way to not waste way more time and resources then said item wou
  14. So it dosent work then? Is it a virus? In vacation so i cant test anything, all i got is my phone.
  15. this is why i keep trying to raise awareness, this seems like one of the bugs that like to fly under the devs radar and it cripples the ferox.
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