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  1. well now the small ferox stats will stay the same even after first transformation BUT the big ferox stats are still distributed differently! new baby in small form always have the 37 stamn, 41 food, and 37 health even post transformation but the large form has 45 stam and worse everything else. the stat distribution in small form is now compeletely different and seprate from large form making breeding STILL worthless for them since why would you pay 21 element to have good stats only in the small shoulder form but not the large combat form. your basically stuck with what amounts to spending 21 element to breed jerboas
  2. no idea, dont even have acknowledgment from the devs that they know about it or are working on it.
  3. Ya, just tested it and the stat change isnt fixed. it also gets 100% on first imprint now for me when before it only got 33%.
  4. AND they cant even breed anymore for me, got the female to 100% put both on mate and it said they were mating but there was no mating progress bar and eventually it just stopped without the female beginning to gestate. no gestation bar, nothing. GOD WHY IS THE FEROX SO UTTERLY BROKEN!! imprinting is broken, breeding is broken, taming is broken, stats are broken, levels are broken, literally everything about it is broken! did they not test this creature whatsoever before release and subsequent patches!? EDIT: baby just randomly popped out with no prior indication, guess just the gestation and mating bars are broken but not the breeding itself EDIT EDIT: raised and imprinted the baby then transformed it, the stats still randomised but the imprint stayed! this could be a lucky accident (i heard one guy saying that sometimes imprint stays sometimes it dosent) or it could be working!
  5. you shouldnt balance things around duping that way because duping allows you to get anything without any effort, the only possiblity you could balance something that way would be to nerf somethings worth to be equal to said effort aka nothing, thats like raisng prices to counteract counterfitters. all it does is screw over people who legitimately earn them because you make everything that people earn legitimately worthless and trash. not only that but it almost makes it more likely to be duped because duping would be the only way to not waste way more time and resources then said item would be worth, for instance, if mek stats were cut in half, then it wouldnt be worth the grind to get it and craft it unless you dupe for it instead to get it for free and with ease. what they should do is make it to were if two or more meks have the same creature ID then both meks get wiped.
  6. So it dosent work then? Is it a virus? In vacation so i cant test anything, all i got is my phone.
  7. this is why i keep trying to raise awareness, this seems like one of the bugs that like to fly under the devs radar and it cripples the ferox.
  8. ya, i get mine to transform and keep the levels just fine, its just that the stats get redistributed around and imprint isnt kept.
  9. do the wild level ups of the baby in its hulk form stay the same as the parents in there hulk form?
  10. no but isnt the point of breeding them to get a strong baby thats powerful to transform, even if you use the mutator to skip the transforming part thus allowing you to breed lines. eventually when you finallly finish, you still wont be able to use then end product.
  11. well for the saddle part you could use a helmet anyway, an ascendent helmet could be arguably better then a saddle. yes, it can break BUT it can have up to 500+ armor, so it balances out, also it can were helmets skins, the clown fits too perfectly and makes the small version look like stitch from lilo and stich with a clown head and the large version look like a muscular 4 armed demon clown of death.
  12. I just found out they also lose imprint
  13. Ferox stats reset and lose imprint when first transforming tamed a male ferox that had 74 melee, 28 stam, food, and oxygen along with 34 weight, 31 health and 0 speed post transformation (didnt look at wild level pretransformation), then tamed another female ferox, i then transfer them to my island map, when i transformed the female one, it went from level 224 to 150 post transformation (i am guessing this is because i transfered it before transforming it), i then breed them till i had one with all of the stats of the male except weight one then i transformed it to get it to max addiction for breeding BUT when i did transform it, its stats completely randomized and are now completely different from the parents. from what i can tell, their stats (wild levels) completely change upon their first ever transformation and if you transfer them before their first ever transformation then they reset to the level they were before taming. this makes it impossible to tell if they are good or not before taming AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, makes breeding useless for them because there stats are redistributed upon first transformation EDIT, tired imprint them to see if that would sort of cement in place the stat and they just lost the imprint too
  14. They take so much on a 5x server because they are not effected by taminf rates, you could have 10000000x yaming rates and it would still take as much to tame as offical.
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