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  1. I wonder if the chibis are breedable, doubt there is an ice titan chibi but a magmasaur is not to bad at all.
  2. i did, twice. made sure i walked thorugh the whole cave and killed everything then sat at the turn that leads to the artifact and watched a harry potter movie while waiting. nothing
  3. we already get boosted harvesting and taming rates from the evolution events, heck one is going on right now, enough of them, i would like an event like winter wonder land or fear evolved for a change havent had one of those in years.
  4. well that and/or possibly atleast allowing people on sp/unofficials the ability to enable them to be able to summon and fight the titans even if they currently have each one tamed could also help alot.
  5. ah, I think I see what you mean now, "why kill the titans for next to no reward since you cant actually beat the king titan with anything besides the titans anyways, why go through the trouble of killing the titans for next to nothing if you have to still tame them?", (good job pointing that out , didnt think of that), thats the problem, killing the titans has no worth except to summon the big guy BECAUSE their drops are trash. no element, one to two pieces of mid quality tek that is worse then the stuff you could get from a red/purple osd, some mid quality flak tier items that are out done by what a gacha poops out and a blueprint for ramshackle or apprentice mek modules that are barely better then the primitive one, thats all? what rubbish, at least the island and SE bosses gave element and flags, least rockwell and the overseer gave 15 level and you only ever needed to fight them once, why kill the titans instead of just taming them once you killed them for any tekgrams you might have not had besides for the trophy to decorate your base with ( side note: although not only is the desert titan hard to tame, it isnt really useful in the king titan fight like the ice and forest, so while you dont get much for killing it which isnt hard to do, you also dont get much use in the fight against the king titan by taming it either which is very hard to do, so even with what you pointed out, people would probably kill the desert titan for the trophy instead of tame it because unlike the forest and ice titans, it isnt worth taming the desert titan for fighting the king titan considering how little it helps, i mean the main thing it is used for during the king titan fight is guarding the node during the king titans healing phase but that part can actually be done by creatures other then the desert titan like rexes, meks, etc, remember my idea makes it to where you are only not required to have the trophies of the titans you have tamed, if you only have the ice and forest titan tamed, you will STILL need the desert titans trophy so only taming ice and forest while still killing the desert for the trophy is honestly a better way to summon and fight the king titan then taming all 3 so while the ice and forest might be hogged because of what you said, i highly doubt anything would change for the desert titans current situation atleast) SO, because of that, i propose that while making having a titan tamed allow you to not be require to have its trophy, what items titans drop when killed also be improved. this way you can either go through the hard effort to tame the titans to fight the king titan for great reward, go through the effort to tame the titans to do a big raid, or go through the less effort to kill the titans for not as good of rewards into total then the 3 difficulties of king titan in total BUT with very good rewards all the same. for instance say i want to get some great rewards but really dont want to have to go through the effort of taming the titans needed to fight the gamma/beta/alpha king titan and not lose, i could just kill the titans for some good loot instead. The key is to find the right balance between the effort needed to kill the titans vs the effort needed to tame them to fight the 3 difficulties of king titan. Note: deciding the balance of reward vs effort isnt my forte, if this suggestion is added and the reward for killing the titans is improved then it is honestly up to the devs on what they think are the best rewards to be given out by killing the titans but i guess i can give it a shot (what items a rarity tier contains) common tier set- 1 or 2 items of flak tier gear, rare tier set - 1 item of tek tier gear, very rare tier set- 1 mek module, ammo tier set- assorted ammo (here i will list what the different tiers of king titan drop as with the effort needed to fight them being mainly taming the ice and forest titan while killing the desert one, with the exception of the alpha who is also fought using a mega mek(s) along side the forest and ice titans, as to compare and contrast with my idea on what a good balance for the reward vs effort of killing the regular titans themselves may be off the top of my head) Gamma KT drops (must have at least 18-24 of the following tier sets, ammo included) 1 common tier set of 200%- 450% quality, 1 rare set of 200%- 450% quality (blueprint only), 1 very rare set of 200%-450% quality, 1 very rare set of 200%-450% quality... again (dont know why its listed twice on the wiki, i mean if it gives it twice then shouldnt it be 2 very rare tier sets of 200%-450% quality instead? may have been a mistake on their part but i am going to roll with it), and 20-30 ammo tier sets Beta KT Drops (must have at least 24-30 of the following tier sets, ammo included) 1 common tier set of 350%- 550% quality, 1 rare tier set of 350%- 550% quality (blueprint only) , 1 very rare tier set of 350%- 550% quality, 1 very rare tier set of 350%- 550% quality, and 20-30 ammo tier sets Alpha KT Drops (must have at least 24-30 of the following tier sets, ammo included) 1 common tier set of 400%- 800% quality, 1 rare tier set of 400%- 800% quality (blueprint only) , 1 very rare tier set of 400%- 800% quality (blueprint only) , 1 very rare tier set of 400%- 800% quality (blueprint only) , and 20-30 ammo tier sets Proposed Titan Drops (must have at least 18-24 of the following tier sets, ammo included) (all have around the same drops and dont have difficulty levels so this is for all of them) 1 common tier set of 350%- 550% quality (item or Blueprint) , 1 rare tier set of 350%- 550% quality (item or Blueprint) , 1 very rare tier set of 350%- 550% quality , 1 very rare tier set of 350%- 550% quality, and 12-18 ammo tier sets And thats my drop ideas, originally i thought "oh since its alot easier to kill a set of 3 titans 3 times than it is to tame a set of 2 titans and kill 1 titan 3 times, i should put the drop quality of the titan drops to only 225%- 400% since you will get the drops 3 times for every set of 3 titans you kill because the total drops of killing all 3 titans should be comparable to killing the beta king titan and 1 regular titan with the drops of killing the gamma king titan and 1 regular titan being a bit worse then the total drops of all 3 titans while the drops of killing the alpha king titan and 1 regular titan being a bit better, make since right? BUT then i saw that the rewards for a hard osd are basically the same as the beta titan besides the fact that the hard osd drops mek blueprints instead of mek modules, considering the hard osh are even even then killing a titan, i figured people still wouldnt kill them if they didnt atleast have equal or better drops then a hard osd, looking back, there wasnt much reason to kill the gamma or beta king titans instead of doing a hard drop unless you wanted mek modules and so i made the drop quality of the titans loot the same as the beta king titans/hard drop loot but dropping with it dropping mek modules so you have a reason to fight them over hard drops with the rare item sometimes not being a blueprint to be what i consider a bit worse then the beta king titans drops sometimes with the alpha king titan not only dropping the highest quality of loot (comparable to a purple drop) and the only one to drop the highest quality of mek module but also being the only one able to drop mek modules blueprints thus being alot better then the beta king titan,titans, and hard drops with the gamma just being worse to compensate. note: the drops are up to debate, if you think the drops should be different then what i came up with for killing the titans to still be worth it without the need of a trophy when tamed then say so, nothing wrong with constructive debate.
  6. they would still starve and die on multiplayer after a day, it wouldnt make them any easier to tame and they would be alot less useful for raiding if you use them to fight the king titan on MP because of them having very low health afterwords so its basically tame them and use them to raid or just fight the king titan for a bit of element, a bunch of mek module ammo, some tek Bp and thats it. they would hog them as much then just as much as they already do now. it wouldnt change anything besides seeing people using the titans to fight the king titan instead of using them for raiding on occasion. besides your suggestion did the same thing, it just omitted SP from it for some reason. i mean, with my suggestion, people on MP MIGHT be able to do a second king titan if they did very well on the previous fight and their titans have enough health unlike your suggestion but 87% of the time, that wont be the case, the titans will have to little health to really do much after a fight, they will die quickly to turrets in a raid without destroying much and they would die before killing the king titan. no one would be hurt. also like i said, not only do i not like using mods unless necessary but even if i did, no one mods the titans except for adding them to others maps and getting rid of the bug. there is no mods for anything else (except i think one mod shrinks them down for some reason but thats it). cant use mods that simply dont exist.
  7. well it would help both MP and SP and it would fit the lore alot better, thats the main reason i suggested it (mostly the lore and convenience to everyone) , the sp part is a bonus. Because a suggestion also helps SP ALONG with multiplayer dosent mean it shouldnt be suggested. also they said you could fight the king by taming OR killing the titans along in streams and interviews along with the lore in hte game saying so, the suggestion mainly stems from that aspect, thats why i made it, I thought "OK so the lore says you can kill OR tame the titans to draw him out from hiding to fight him, the devs said you can kill OR tame the titans to fight him, and it would help both MP and SP if you could fight him by just taming the titans ( while also collecting the hearts and apex drops of course) why is this not a thing?" and so i made this suggestion after finding said lore in game. 4 big reasons is a pretty good amount for why it should be added. Anyway, No one mods the titans (besides the king titan) for anything besides for fixing the food bug or making them spawn on the map without having to be summoned (probably because from what i can tell, their code is a hyper complex mess and would take way to much effort for anyone besides the devs who made it to change) thus you cant mod it to have more then 1 of each exist at a time and all of mine have giant bases on them fild with stuff that i took weeks to build, the smallest one i based off the video below, killing them would basically wipe 3 of my main bases, also like i said the desert titan causes tons of headaches to tame and dealing with all of that again would be very unappealing. anyway, the idea is only a bonus, a quality of life if you will, it not like it hurts anyone, it just makes everyones life better. because a suggestion also helps SP and ALONG with multiplayer dosent mean it shouldnt be suggested. also they said you could fight the king by taming OR killing the titans along with the lore saying so, the suggestion many stems from that aspect, thats why i made it. (also i am pretty sure i basically already said that WC dosent hold sp to a high priority when i talked about how they never fix the bugs in the last post, did you read that far? also did i say i hate using mods unless nessesary, could have sworn i implied that but i guess i can blame my self for not putting in enough detail despite it being 2270 words long, eh, you can always miss something when writing i guess, never enough i till you, never enough /sighs and shakes head/)
  8. Tl:dr it would only solve about half the problem, reason why is explained below (WARNING- explanation may not make sense if only part is read, please read ALL of it but look out, its about 2270 words long so take your time and read carefully, I like to be EXTREMELY thorough and have every detail to reduce the chance of anyone misunderstanding or misinterpreting me after a multiple incidents in my past at school of people not understanding or misinterpreting what i said and thus getting publicly mocked for it) You need to have tamed titans to fight the king titans because he takes next to no damage from everything else and kills them in 1-2 hits, currently you need their trophies to summon the king titan but you also NEED to tame them to be actually able to beat him. even thou killing the titans is faster then taming them, you still would have to tame them to actually fight the king titan . The whole point is you shouldn't have to repeatedly tame each titan for every king titan you fight if you already have them tamed. making taming them also drop the trophy just combines the "killing titans for the trophy" and "taming new ones for the fight" parts, instead of first "killing any tamed titans you own, killing the 3 titans for trophies then taming the 3 titans for the fight, fighting the gamma king, somehow killing (starving or somehow otherwise) your own 3 titans, killing some more titans for trophies, taming the 3 titans again for the fight, fighting the beta king, somehow killing/starving your own 3 titans, killing some more titans for their trophies, taming the 3 titans again for the fight, fighting the alpha titan." You would still have to first kill any tamed titans you own, tame the 3 titans for the trophy and fight, fight the gamma king, somehow kill/starve your own 3 titans, tame the 3 titans again for the trophies and the fight, fight the beta king, somehow kill/starve your own 3 titans,tame the 3 titans again for the fight and trophies, and then fight the alpha titan. This is almost just as tedious as it currently is and only removes the necessity of the "killing the titans" part which is the easiest and least expensive part to do. Not only that, it also only helps multiplayer because their titans only last a day at most and dont heal and thus there is no reason to keep them after each fight instead of just simply disposing them by raiding a base or starving them and then taming a new set of titans for the next fight BUT Singleplayer, they are meant to be permanent, people have bases on them (like me), they permanently regen health, and in even their currently bugged state [stated in the first part of reason #1-[reason stated below] where they have food, even playing 10 hours a day for a week wont be enough to starve them on Singleplayer (they have 864 food and losses about 1 every 10 minutes on Singleplayer) and you cant just raid a base to more dispose of them more quickly even if you wanted to because its Singleplayer. While your Quality of Life Idea would help multiplayer for the most part, it still does nothing for Singleplayer while my suggestion not only does basically the same thing as yours for Multiplayer (allowing you to do the king titan if you tame the regular titans) but also allows them to do the next king titan right after if they think they have enough health left to do so on their current titans instead of forcing them to kill them off and tame a fresh set of titans AND it also allows people on Singleplayer who have titans that last alot longer or are straight up permanent and can regen health to simply reuse their current titans for each fight without having to go out of there way trying to kill them along with destroying anything built on them before going through the long grind to tame them again for each and every fight. This is especially so since taming titans (mainly and especially the desert titan,the ice titan only needs element for powering tek suit, a repaired fab, and bullets, same with forest. forest and ice are not that bad) like the desert titan on Singleplayer can be very expensive, just to tame the desert titan once, even with the personal grave stone mod (only have 2 mods, Sp titan fix mod which fixes the bug of them starving in Singleplayer #1-[reason stated below] and the personal grave mod #2-[reason stated below]), It took me 1000 polymer, 1000 crystal, 500 black pearls, 250 element, 2000 metal, along with advanced 500 sniper bullets, (another 2000 polymer, 1600 metal, and 2000 paste to repair my main titan taming gacha fab sniper that was damage after the last tame), and about 115 element powering the tek suit all to tame an alpha desert titan and it was insanely close, if i had to repair my armor just 1 more time, i wouldnt have had enough to have been able to and i would of failed taming it right then and there after about a week of prep (with a 3 month break in the between because while logging off to transfer materials to the island to make a replicator in the obelisk so i didnt have to do the caves on extinction so i could repair my tek armor in the desert arena, i ended up crashing and would instantly crash if i tried to log into extinction or the island [which is very bad because the island and extinction are the main maps i play on and are where i have most of my stuff and my bases], it took me 3 months and every thing both i and wildcard tech support could think of to fix it, from simply verifying game files all the way to straight up sending them my game and save data). so as you can see, simply needing them to starve and repeatedly taming and killing each one to fight each version of the king titan is not only very lore unfriendly and goes against what the devs said, it is also very tedious for people on multiplayer (waiting a day for their titans to starve if they have any, killing the titans , then retaming them for each and every king titan fight), extremely tedious on singleplayer with the bug (waiting days - weeks for them starve, killing the titans, and then grinding up tons of resources for days to tame them for each and every king titan fight), to nigh impossible on Singleplayer with the bug fixed either by the devs or a mod (they dont starve so they wont die no matter how long you wait). This is why i think my idea would be a great QOL update, it helps and improves the quality of life for people in MP quite a bit, it helps and improves the quality of life for in Singleplayer who dont have the bug fixed alot, and it helps and improves the quality of life for people on Singleplayer who have the bug fixed like me by a metric freak ton and actually allows me to realistically fight him. (it also would allow me to not have to tame the desert titan again after what i went through trying to tame it in the first place, almost quit ark because of it since for 3 months, my main saves and thus most of my progress since the day i started playing ark during the first ever winter wonderland event were corrupt and unplayable) #1-[reason] titans, unlike in multiplayer, werent meant to starve in Singleplayer and originally they didnt, even before exticitions release, the devs said that the titans were meant to be permanent in sp multiple times in streams, statements, and interviews. When extinction released, they were made permanent as intended soon after release, its even stated in Patch 286.103 Singleplayer - Titans should no longer consume food in singleplayer but when they sped up food consumption for titans intending to only have it effect mutilplayer since only the mutilplayer titans were meant to have food to begin with in patch 287.100 Titans - Increased rate of starvation by approximately 3x ,they unknowingly reactivated the food for titans in Singleplayer with no way to disable it because they arnt affected by allowraiddinos feeding because they are supposed to be permanent by default in Singleplayer , and like most bugs in Singleplayer, they have yet to fix or even make it known that they know about it, just like the bug that causes titan to lose their alpha/beta/gamma prefix on relog and become normal titans with base stats and the bug that causes resources to never respawn unless you stand near each one for 30 minutes after you harvest it unless you set the resource respawn rate to 0 so they respawn without you having to wait (although this feels kinda cheaty because you can harvest a metal node, walk to the next one and harvest that one and then just walk back to the first one to harvest it again over and over, its feels cheaty and i hate it but resources straight up wont respawn 98% of the time otherwise.) the only major bug i can remember that they fixed for Singleplayer is the cave dino spawn bug (which caused either nothing to spawn or 10 times the normal and intended amount to spawn) and it took them 2 YEARS to fix that bug. they just dont fix Singleplayer bugs and because of this, you have to either work around it (like setting resource respawn rate to 0 as mention), or get a mod to fix it, and because titans were meant by the devs to be permanent in Singleplayer, when my titans started to get very low on food about 2 weeks after the bug happened, i realized that a patch for it was nowhere in sight like most major bugs in Singleplayer and so i begrudgingly got the mod. #2-[reason] normally i wouldnt have gotten it but after i spent weeks grinding non stop for a top tier set of tek armor (each piece has atleast 700 armor and 1k durability, took 7.5k black pearls, 14k crystal, 65k metal, 2500 element, and 14k polymer for the whole thing) from blueprints i got from purple osds and while normally i wouldnt be scared of permanenetly losing it, i was beginning to plan for taming the desert titan (how that went is above in the fourth paragraph) and i remembered that sometimes the desert titans lighting just hits and insta kills you anyways even if you moved far out of it range (be it lag, bug, or otherwise) and that if the desert titan kills you during the fight, it nigh impossible to retrieve your stuff unless you kill the desert titan (thus failing the main reason I where fighting it in the first place, to tame it) so that you can safely get it and even then, its would still be very hard to get it because normally is the corpse in the air(especially if you dont have a quezt with a platfrom to fly up and stand on to collect your stuff), it also usually glitches out to parts unknown where you would more then likely never find it again anyway. Because of this, i either had to use my prized top tier armor, 2 stacks of element, 500 bullets, and a gacha fab sniper with a base near by to respawn in, get my stuff with the personal grave mod (least it be lost forever) with a tek rep filled with resources there to repair my armor after each death from the damage that the flock and the lighting the killed me did to it before jet packing back up to it OOORRR have a primitive tek armor, 1 stacks of element, 120 bullets, and a gacha fab sniper with a base near by to respawn in that contains 9-10 back up sets to replace the set i basically lost forever when i inevitably die during the fight. Considering i had everything for option 1 besides the mod while i only had enough resources for 2-3 sets of primitive tek suits and only had managed to get 4 gacha fab snipers with only 2 of them being really any good after the whole time that i had been playing extinction (about 5 months 6-10 hours a day, it was my gap year between high school and collage, i had tons of free time) along with the fact that i would be losing a primitive tek suit, a stack of element, about 3 stacks of bullets and gacha fab sniper each time i died ALONG with the fact that it would be alot less likely to work because i would take alot more damage and have my armor break alot faster with primitive tek armor then i would using my top tier tek armor, I concluded that it would be vastly more cost effective and safe to go with option 1 instead of option 2 at the cost of not having to go out of my way to get my stuff back if i die like people on official did thus slightly tainting my vanilla ark play through. I figured adding this one mod wouldn't be bad because most survival games or games in general dont have you drop your inventory when you die anyway (least not most of it) and the main reason you drop your stuff when you die in ark is most likely so other people could take your stuff after killing you since it was part of the game when it was just about raiding and pvp before singleplayer was even a thing and thus dosent matter that much to the experience of the game in SIngleplayer.
  9. I do believe that the are consumed and tamed titans arnt healed after seeing such in videos of people on Sp and official doing it as well as doing it myself in modded playthroughs. (cant do it on my main save aka my personal vanilla playthrough because i have all the titans tamed already, some with bases on them, this is one of the main reason besides lore why i would like this change, so i could fight the king titan without having to kill my tamed titans that took awhile to tame and that have giant bases on them, of which i use constantly, heck, i use the ice titan as my main mount for gathering, osds, fighting, traveling, etc on the island and extinction.)
  10. while that could work with the gamma titan, you would still have to kill your tamed titans and retame them for another trophy to fight the beta and the same with the alpha.
  11. TL:DR, allow players/tribes to summon the king titan without needing the trophies of any titans they currently have tamed and increase the reward drop for killing the titans to compensate for the loss of needing to kill them to be able summon the king titan in the first place so people still have a reason to kill them besides simply pure necessity for the trophy. in the lore and in live streams, it was said that you could kill OR tame the titans to fight the king titan but when extinction released, you HAD to first kill then tame the titans for each fight against him and you couldn't kill them for the trophy unless there was currently no tamed titan at the time thus not allowing you to just have them tamed and not need to first kill them and then tame them and then kill them again over and over for each fight. making it to where if you or your tribe has a specific titan tamed then you or your tribe wont need to have that titans trophy to fight the king titan, this way you could tame the ice and forest titans but kill the desert titan and you would be able to fight the king titan or you tame all 3 and you can fight the king titan, or just simply kill all the titans and fight the king titan as usual. taming the titans is a bit harder then killing them anyway (ice is easy to tame/moderate to kill, forest is moderate to tame/moderate to kill, and the desert titan is very hard to tame, easy to kill), thus this wouldn't be overpowered and would be rather balanced. currently if you want to both fight the alpha king titan and have tamed titans, you must first kill any tamed titans you own, kill the 3 titans for trophies then tame the 3 titans, fight the gamma king, somehow kill your own 3 titans, kill some more titans for trophies, tame the 3 titans, kill the beta king, kill your own 3 titans, kill some more titans for their trophies, tame the 3 titans, kill the alpha titan. and you have to repeat all of this each and every time you want to fight the alpha king titan, each step and every requiring dozens of different apex drops and hundreds of corrupted hearts for each and every titan summoned along with tons of element and ammo spent for taming all the titans. it would greatly improved the game and make fighting the king titan a lot more palpable if you could just go through all the work and tame the titans then fight the gamma, then the beta, then the alpha, you would still need everything else required for to summon kings, just not the titans trophies if you or your tribe have them tamed. also since currently the only reason people really kill the titans in the first place is for the trophy, it would be a good idea to make the rewards that the titans drop alot better to compensate for no longer being forced to kill each titan for the trophy if you had the trophy-requirements respective titan tamed so that people will not just solely tame the titans over and over instead of killing them and thus hog them and keep them away from other people who may want to use them the way wildcard has made it currently is that there would usually be no reason to kill the titans considering their lackluster rewards but you are made to do it so that you can get their trophies to summon each version of the king titan but you still also need to then tame them anyway to be able to beat each version of him too. Instead of making killing the titan on their own worth it and then allowing you to not have to use the trophy if you tamed them, they decided to do it the current way instead which not only forces you to summon and kill the titans for lackluster rewards besides the trophy and forces you to have to constantly kill then tame then kill then tame each titan over and over, it also dosent allow you to fight the king titan if you decided to just tame them instead of killing and retaming them in an endless loop which not only goes against the lore and live streams but also makes people who can have them for alot longer than normal like singleplayer or non dedicated servers unable to summon the king titan if they decide to do so. In conclusion, increasing the rewards for killing the titans and making you not have to have a titans trophy if you had it tamed would allow people that dont need to kill them for tek grams or have already killed them once already to then be able to either- A. tame them and raid, B. tame them and fight the king titan, C. kill them for loot, or D. kill them and fight the king titan, thus giving people more and better options on how to use the titans along with allowing people on singleplayer and non-dedicated to be able to decide to keep them without being permanently locked out of doing the king titan unless the kill their current tamed one
  12. Titan stats reset on relog and starve on Singleplayer Titans starve on singleplayer no matter what (even with allowraiddinofeeding) ever since the change that mad them starve 3x quicker on multiplayer 10 MONTHS ago. Titans stats/prefix reset of game reset. no matter if you tame an alpha/beta/gamma forest/ice/desert titan, it will always reset to a basic titan. tamed an alpha ice titan on singleplayer, logged off to go to bed, when i logged back on, it was no a regular ice titan and its health went from 550k to 350k. same with my forest titan, went from an alpha with 700k to a regular with 400k. this bug has also been around for 10 months. REALLY dont want these sp titan bugs ending up like the sp cave spawn bug where it ended up taking 2 years to be fixed.
  13. honestly ya, well mainly his left side were the eye is at around the same height as his bulbous nose anyway.
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