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  1. Damn okay thats some good weight, my argies are currently at 4015 HP, 1300 Stam, 810 Oxy, 10600 Food, 728 Weight, and 361 melee. Mine are non-mutated but i'm getting tired looking around for max stats in high level argies. Might as well start breeding for muts I guess.
  2. Hello I was wondering what's the best stats you guys have seen on hatched unleveled argies. I'm currently trying to breed the ultimate argy and am looking for decent comparisons. Official servers of course.
  3. Its weird because right now i'm having issues taming high level Chalicotheriums. Must be a bug with passive tames in general.
  4. Whoa massive necrobumb. Im relieved to find i'm not the only one having this issue. Its funny how now even with a kibble for pegos they still wont tame.
  5. I feel your pain, i'm having trouble taming Chalicotheriums
  6. Yeah iv'e tried to tame two level 150s but every time I do they will take one or two beer and will be stuck on wait to feed. The hunger icon does not go down and they loose health and gain torpor. It's weird, wish i could submit a pic but the file size is too big.
  7. Hey I’m having a problem taming level 150 Chalicos. Is anyone else also running into this bug?
  8. Yeah I’ve also had this glitch happen to me a couple times. It tends to fix itself by logging out and logging back in but it is very annoying.
  9. Just tried taming a lower level Chalicotherium, it worked. So the glitch must involve high level Chalicotheriums. Also this might be a glitch for all passive tames and not just Chalicotherium.
  10. It seems as if once you feed it the hunger goes down to zero and then goes back up? That’s what the taming bar indicated.
  11. Hello I would like to report a glitch involving the chalicotherium. When attempting to tame a wild chalicotherium after the first beer it will not accept another one. It will stay on the “wait until hungry to feed” prompt forever and the food bar appears to not drain down. After a while the chalicotherium will start to gain torpor and lose health, presumably because it is actually out of food (contradicting the taming overlay). This leads to its eventual death.
  12. Also the pego's taming effectiveness stays at 100% during the whole tame for some reason.
  13. Hello so I'm relatively new here in the forums. I wanted to start a forum post regarding the problem with pegomastax on official rate servers. As of right now it is impossible to tame a high level pego due to multiple issues i have discovered. The first issue I observed is once a wild pego steals a stack of mejo berries from your inventory there is a random chance of the taming progress bar to drop immediately. After countless hours in game I attempted to tame a 150 pego within a 1x1 enclosed space with no where for it to go. The taming bar would go up after some feeds and remain consistently while other times it would just drop for no reason. The highest I ever got it to was 50% tamed after going through literally thousands of mejo berries. Another issue I observed is that the pego will begin to starve to death if knocked unconcious. This bug is probably well known but for the life of me I couldn't help but post it here to vent my frustration. I really hope someone takes a look at this and does something about it.
  14. The Sarco definitely needs some TLC. Right now the model is very glitchy. The tail physics get borked a lot and it has a hard time doing damage to anything in-front of it when pushed against an object ( I believe its a collision issue). The model itself look fine but more detail and shaders would be awesome since its one of the old base game creatures. I think we can all agree that the Sarco Is often forgotten due to these issues. Also fix the Sarco not being able to fit through normal Dino gates, they're not that fat lol.
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