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  1. vassiliOFP85

    All my structures are gone ?

  2. vassiliOFP85

    All my structures are gone ?

    Yeah, if this is indeed what happened to me (i'll wait for an answer to my ticket or a word from an official, IF i manage to get one), That would be UNACCEPTABLE from a customer point of view. Like unbelievable... No explanation or anything... I'm still shocked so far tbh lol
  3. vassiliOFP85

    All my structures are gone ?

    Do they seriously do a full structure wipe for "excessive pillaring" ? I did try to protect the swamps I used to farm meat but that's just like any serious breeder would do....
  4. vassiliOFP85

    All my structures are gone ?

    Yep thats what a friend told me, but why ? Don't they message / leave track in log / send mail or something ? Why would they do that seriously ? No paypal or anything here, and my dinos are still there................................. Thanks for helping me understand...
  5. vassiliOFP85

    All my structures are gone ?

    This is not just my main base but every single structures that I had on my server : farming bases, pillars, etc. All. Gone. Worst is : No explanations and my dinos are drowing right now. Also, vaults shouldve dropped to the ground when structures would decay right? They did not, everything disapeared..........................................................
  6. vassiliOFP85

    All my structures are gone ?

    Hello, I''ve been playing for 1 year in EU - Island PVE 78. This afternoon I was upgrading my base (to full metal, finally, as i'm a solo player and it's huge) and tonight, when I log, all my dinos (410) are floating up in the air. At first I think this is a lag, but no, another player comes and he can fly right through what used to be my base... No vaults, no bags, nothing, it seems like I've been wiped of all structures on this server. Nothing in logs. Nothing in mail. Nothing on forum. I've always played fair, and I'm a high rep trader on those very forums...... So I don't understand at all what couldve happened... Can anyone please enlighten me ? Did this happen to anyone else? Please be gentle, this is a situation i wouldn't wish to anybody. Thanks.
  7. When will you address tame cap problem on pve servers please? Events usually mean no taming for the whole weekend here lol.
  8. vassiliOFP85

    Trader Forum

    You need to have more than 10 posts i think and then a mod needs to move you out of the "newbie" forum group. Might take a little while, knowing there's a post limit per 24hrs (3 or 4 i think) for newbies accounts on forum.
  9. vassiliOFP85

    Trader Forum

    Is your access to trade forum recent? You might have hit the "max message posted in 24hrs" cap. Should be gone by tomorrow if it's the problem. Hope that helps.
  10. vassiliOFP85

    Raising my first Rex during Val event

    BEST. ADVICE. EVER. Don't listen to that guy & u'll find dead rex by the morning... GL
  11. vassiliOFP85

    When is the Valentine event?

    Yeah it's a bad joke for EU players tbh.................................
  12. vassiliOFP85

    Rollback on prime time ?

    Exactly my thoughts................ And we should be happy ! It's our fault, we shouldn't have played in the first place !!!! They warned us !! lol
  13. vassiliOFP85

    Rollback on prime time ?

    And i'll just add that WE DESERVE a compensation, bring on x2 until Valentine's ! Or add breeding !! So we can catch up on what we missed !!
  14. vassiliOFP85

    Rollback on prime time ?

    OK i'm out, i'll just let babies die this time, need some sleep !!! This is unacceptable coming from a company. WE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS, PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH US BEFORE DOING THINGS THAT AFFECT US !!!!!! THANKS !
  15. vassiliOFP85

    Rollback on prime time ?

    TOTALLY agreed. It's WC that shouldn't push patched on weekends... NOT US that should not play there !!