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  1. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Garden of Eden unofficial PvE Map: Valguero - cluster coming soon ~ NOT EPIC FRIENDLY ~ Are you looking for a near vanilla, chill, no drama, go at your own pace, ARK experience? Well look no further! Garden of Eden(GoE) has slightly boosted rates with a consistent DOUBLE RATES weekend event. Enjoy Valguero with little to no lag at all...so lose the fear of losing your gear with a dropped connection or dying to that alpha thanks to a lag spike. With only a few cosmetic mods, load time is pretty fast. • Starter kits provided within
  2. My griffin does that sometimes as well, kinda annoying LOL.
  3. yes thats who I was referring to. I guess I missed that it was 925 though. GG
  4. PC official (PvE anyway) is up to 855-875 ... with 905+ base MD coming soon, or so ive heard.
  5. I’ve had the same issue with one particular player harassing me via global chat non stop for going on 3 weeks now
  6. dang really lol...that means these lines with millions of mutations/20 dont actually mean anything lol?
  7. especially if you know your official servers are bound to lag to the point you drop host connection...to throw salt on the wound you cant fix this bug so that it breaks the connection immediately after dropping...ugh..
  8. Mammoth > Casteroides all day erry day! haha
  9. just had a player on the official PvE server I play on lose his all his stuff due to transfer bug. Sucks, but definitely going to take the necessary precautions that I need to in order to try and restore myself if it happens to me.
  10. they're cheaters too, An alpha carno appeared near my base yesterday so I took it on with my rex...stupid thing charged me, ran up and got itself stuck underneath me so I couldn't move. Luckily I just kept attacking anyway and it died lol
  11. im still trying to figure this out lol..
  12. Radios still broke? so uhh I mean... but.... why doesnt this work?....lol
  13. You cant argue with incompetence lol ... most people with opinions on what devs do and dont do havent the SLIGHTEST clue what it takes to run and maintain a video game. Tossing out opinions on what could be done whilst working at the local Mcdonalds lolol....but I guess every game has to have its complainers right. I think your walmart comment is pretty much spot on with this one.
  14. Could have been worse .... there could have been no TLC update lol
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