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  1. Such bullpoop I should screenshot how many tickets they have closed without doing poop!
  2. What is the fastest way to get a GM Appointment? I play on ps4 I used to have a huge tribe then I took a break, we had beaten all bosses we were lvl 135 on both srvrs. I had recently transferred both of my characters to valguero srvrs because I was going to build one tribe as my main and have a secondary tribe on the other srvr to weed out bad players. Myself and one of my tribe mates took our characters to these srvrs to begin we had a decent setup on the first server then got attacked. We let the people know who we were with and we told we wouldn’t be touched, then our other buddies told us they had a prime spot for us on another srvr so this made both of our characters to be on valguero. He had given us a lot of mats we built our base and got some sleep the next day we planned to raise many eggs given to us. But, through the night a rollback happened we lost everything it deleted our characters because they only did rollbacks on the valguero srvrs. We searched the other previously played srvrs and our characters are gone. No download option nothing. For the last 2 weeks we have both been putting in tickets for them to fix our characters and we haven’t even gotten a response. We have even been speaking to wildcard employees through twitter. Nothing has been done. No support. We have played this game since release and as you all know it takes a lot of work to get to lvl135 so both of my lvl135 characters are gone. I can’t play and I’m not getting support. If you have a way to get ahold of one of the GM’s please respond cause this sucks ass! Our plan was to play valguero until genesis is here and now we have nothing. My psn is drum0501 Twitter is the same let me know if you know how I can get in touch with someone to fix this
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