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  1. this server still up ?
  2. Kostriktor

    new rex is nice !

    wow new rex is a beast. hes still on wheels instead of legs but hes amazing, and thanks to reduced turning radius it feels like good wheels. great job #direwolf ohpi
  3. Kostriktor

    Major Update at key playtime nice one

    guess you guys proud of those updates are you ? ^^ therefor; saturday night, when everyone plays; have a break guys, were here with another one !
  4. Kostriktor

    My first and prolly last post

    also, im not maintaing this post for you zeroes to have a laugh, its for the dev to get inspired on what could be done, since the obviously dont play their own game. the forum should be used in a constructive way, this is my feedback, which you try to have a laugh on, youre better up with youtube most probably but yeah guess this place welcome everyone, of all classes, so, enjoy
  5. Kostriktor

    My first and prolly last post

    its miserable, what you're doing, you realize that ? the fanboiness is overtaking you, your head isnt clear anymore and you start to go down heavy. farming dinos are cool, living cargo helicopters arent. apparently we can have crazy tek stuff, but we cannot craft some small airplane, or as mentioned, a cargo heli, nah, that wouldnt be cool between dinos and laserguns.
  6. Kostriktor

    My first and prolly last post

    i keep getting disappointed, even by the niveau of the forum personnel you're probably right, while having no problems with "farming", seeing my anky getting stuck every 3 minutes tilts me. the devs solution is: go farm with the quetz, which is cheaty and lame, considering no bird is a cargo-helicopter. birds can carry their preys, thats it about hauling. ill find something else, thanks for the advice
  7. Kostriktor

    My first and prolly last post

    you go pretty confident, for a guy who let his kids play games at the age of 12... at 12 i had piano lessons and swim course daily and yes, unreal tournament and borderlands have no flaws, why is ark so damn bugged? how did they leave early access? how are they asking more and more money for this ? all of this smells like cash grab and non-love of your own product give me your money, is the thing here
  8. Kostriktor

    My first and prolly last post

    I figuered out, playing other games using the same engine, that those where actually polished and perfectly playable : ) but hey, lets work on the TLC nobody needs
  9. Kostriktor

    My first and prolly last post

    what are all these mobs spawning inside cave walls and underground even on the surface? (center)
  10. Kostriktor

    My first and prolly last post

    skill is when i headshot you, when we are both aware of the situation. by that i dont mean those sneaky headshots you lay on someone from inside a bush while sneaky sneaky and cowardy. time invested is collecting poop and eggs, refilling water to my cooking pot while waiting for the kibble to get cooked, chilling around collecting fiber and killing eventual threats to my tame while taming, all these boring things you have to do for the actual progress. these things dont make you skilled at the game, they make you boring
  11. Kostriktor

    My first and prolly last post

    you come on my post and spam quotes just to type in 2 poor words, guess whos the troll here hehe and yes as mentioned already, i want to like this game and im sad about the fact it beeing broken and not loved by its devs. yes yes keep mentioning TLC and blabla, who cares design? i need the machanics to be working, i need the dinos to feel great when you ride them, instead of feeling like bycicles with tires instead of legs. just an example, i tamed my first gallimimus, its literally "undrivable" because the curve he runs is just too big. gallimimus is now parked in the "egg-factory", because i see no other use, which is sad. when i leave water im still jumping everytime i touch land the raft still has no engine, yet outswimms most kind of fishes wildlife getst stuck into trees and rocks all of the time gigano is broken and stupid simple pistol isnt simple at all and is completely immersion breaking when you first craft and shoot it. i like those bullets to be hitscan, because spread is for tards. the damage though is embarrassing, you literally hit harder with that trash-crossbow (still waiting for compound crossbow) this is what i expected as my first gun, you go from a thatch hut and stone tools to what literally is an advanced type of fireweapon, and its damage is ridiculously slow, you have literally more dps with the pike all this "pvp balance" ruins the singleplayer / immersive gameplay its rust with dinos and that is sad ARK could be a great experience, but it gets broken by so many wrong decisions.
  12. Kostriktor

    My first and prolly last post

    :,) I love how ppl think there is skill involved or to be invested, when you literally cheese-strat everything in this game. your "skill" is determined by "time-invested", which is not mechanical skill. ah yes those ppl who go onto your performance have to love you peeps
  13. Kostriktor

    My first and prolly last post

    i really like the folder-system in the inventories. it makes base-management so much easier. things such as collecting your berries, while your fertilizers are in a folder on the crop plot, is a beauty ! also works well for your dung beetles. #feelsgreat (want to have a bindable "transfer-all"-key)
  14. Kostriktor

    My first and prolly last post

    lol man my spino gets stuck on dodos. you guys are such raptorin trolls....
  15. Kostriktor

    My first and prolly last post

    i like dinos and survival also i like the idea of liking ark, even though it tells me every day that its broken and not loved by its makers