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  1. My first and prolly last post

    you guys should upgreade the character creation. to many new players, that character creation is key to their gamer happyness. i wouldnt make it as difficult as skyrim and similars, but also not as rude as yours. have the right mix ... if you guys know what that is x)
  2. My first and prolly last post

    about "big-pegomastax" and "modding out game content", there are several mods who hard-nerf the giga; for obvious reasons. seriously the guy who is taking responsibility for the balance should be fired; videogames just arent for you my man, rewrite your cv and look for something else man !
  3. Fix the inventory freeze/crash please?

    this is game breaking, and it's still happening, and the devs not even answering anything on the forums. pretty sad poop going on here. but hey! lets remodel the poopty direbear and what not !
  4. Game freezes when exiting an inventory

    lol ppl having serious problems and nobody is giving a raptor. are these devs jokes or DILO ?
  5. My first and prolly last post

    such as glitching trough floors when relogging. always log out laying on a bed
  6. My first and prolly last post

    so this giant pegomastax is pretty much the thing here i see check the stats on wiki and you realize, you're an idiot if you tame something else than gigapego on pvp servers #feelsbad
  7. My first and prolly last post

    how is this fog so bad ? 1148802682 ! ! ! so sad that the community is modding game content out of the game, because its realized just too poorly... #feelsbad
  8. My first and prolly last post

    can we fix the hitboxes ? i shoot ichtiornis, like plents times, i play with damage numbers, arrows stuck into his wings, no damage whatsoever. same for meganura and dimorphodon. remember? #feelsbad at least the guns work fine against ichtyornis : )
  9. My first and prolly last post

    flyers need to fly at minimum height from ground, and it should be adjustable just as following distance (since following distance isnt following distance but trigger follow distance) flyers are an absolute pia, i cant run with my raptors, be sure the ptera flies into my carno and stucks him. i set the ptera to follow one of the raptors, hopefully he stays behind, nope, flies right into my balls again. the argentavis, following me while driving raft, flies half body in the water, not only does it look bad, he will also drown once i stop the raft because hell get stuck into it. flyers need work, and they need it now, raptor the other maps, raptor the graphic reworks on your dinos, we need working mechanics ! this is unplayable and you guys left early access. please wake up already, you made millions, hire some coders and send home some designers please ! ah wait, begging wont help aight? i payed already ¨^_^ alles klar
  10. My first and prolly last post

    thanks for your words good luck to you too.
  11. My first and prolly last post

    i recommend you take a break from ARK. once you're fresh, you come back, only then you'll realize how broken the game is. you probably play this day in and day out, so you're too much into it and dont realize whats going on. i can tell you; we are in 3rd millennium, and ark is unpolished. you talk about cash; the made millions with ark, and they didnt invest back into it. making new models and adding new maps just takes couple designers, and designers cant improve the game itself see. cash grabbers, trust me
  12. My first and prolly last post

    fanbois gona be
  13. My first and prolly last post

    "cash grabbers" is a word he mentions. now all of this starts to make sense. they dont give a damn about polishing, its all about throwing out content, so that the dumber ppl believe they are actually working on it, backing the devs effectively up well it's probably not so hard to do with these marshmallow-brains of 3rd millennium gamers lolol i wish games would be given more love. I'd instantly trade some maps and dinosaurs, for a more polished version of this.
  14. My first and prolly last post

    ahh i see what's going on
  15. My first and prolly last post

    feels like the chief of balancement should be fired straight away bois. trust me your game would improve by 1.5