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  1. Did you try reading the post immediately above your asking this question, which occurred 10 minutes before you asked it? ?
  2. I'm not actually sure. I don't see any Ark update or patch in my Steam downloads history. Scratching my head on this one.
  3. That seems to be it. Buildings were not lost last night.
  4. Wrong again. The fact that bolas don't work on things they should be working on invalidates trial and error evidence to support a claim that they don't work or aren't intended to work on Owls.
  5. With the bug-ridden dumpster fire that is Extinction, you'll forgive me if I don't trust the word of a volunteer forum mod in the face of video evidence to the contrary. Bolas are broken. You can HIT a spider and a raptor and other things with a bola and 95% of the time it won't work on servers experiencing this problem, mine included. Until bolas are fixed, it's going to be hard to "prove" that they don't work on an Owl. The wiki is irrelevant. What actually occurs in-game is relevant.
  6. No guessing. Right now, the evidence we have is video showing regular bolas work on owls. Would need someone to confirm, not guess, that bolas work and that they don't work on Owls anymore. There are too many variables right now with bolas being broken to confirm whether or not they work on Owls. Unless, of course, a dev weighs in.
  7. What about private servers? Where's the update / fix for those? I built a communal base / hub for my server in Sanctuary Central last night and this morning it was gone. Again.
  8. So, what's the deal? What do we need to do on our private server to stop this from happening? My players are quitting because of this.
  9. The file sizes are different and I'm not sure why. A buddy of mine also downloading this right now says he sees a 16.9 GB update. My Steam is downloading a 19GB update. You're saying 14GB. No idea why that is. I have zero workshop mods installed or marked for download in Steam.
  10. When you restart Steam, if you have Ark already installed, Steam will automatically queue the update for Ark. You might have to go into Downloads and click a button to begin the update.
  11. Sweet, Steam updated FINALLY giving access. ...but I can't seem to get Ark to trigger the update. Restarting Steam maybe? (edit: restarting worked. 19.5GB update queued) COME AT ME, TITANS
  12. Uh excuse me, I paid money. They sure as poop owe me something and they're never getting that again if they can't get their poop together. If this is the attitude you're going to take while you're trying to break in to the gaming industry, you're in for a really hard lesson.
  13. Unbelievable. I've been driving for 2 hours, get back, and it's STILL not available. It's a good thing for Wildcard I can't request a refund for the season pass. Not another dime from me to Wildcard in the future for any product until they can prove repeatedly that they can release a product on time. This is ridiculous.
  14. I'm sorry. I am not a smart man. ?
  15. I'm not sure what specific bugs you're referring to, but important bugs are more important than not-important bugs, lol. A game crash is priority numero freakin uno. Any bug that prevents the game from being played is top priority. Sometimes finding these game crash bugs requires exploring some dark little corner that you'd never expect a crash to occur and poof, you find it and you're forced to stop work on other less important things and work on it instead. When that gets fixed, then you go back to working on the less important stuff. The feature Jen's referring to is NOT a feature that players are going to be using immediately though and can easily be disabled for the short term if it means getting the expansion out for people to begin playing. It is completely beyond me, if that's the only thing keeping the expansion from being released, why they would choose to withhold the entire raptoring expansion to fix something relatively irrelevant instead of disable, release, and patch later.
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