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  1. Wrong again. The fact that bolas don't work on things they should be working on invalidates trial and error evidence to support a claim that they don't work or aren't intended to work on Owls.
  2. With the bug-ridden dumpster fire that is Extinction, you'll forgive me if I don't trust the word of a volunteer forum mod in the face of video evidence to the contrary. Bolas are broken. You can HIT a spider and a raptor and other things with a bola and 95% of the time it won't work on servers experiencing this problem, mine included. Until bolas are fixed, it's going to be hard to "prove" that they don't work on an Owl. The wiki is irrelevant. What actually occurs in-game is relevant.
  3. No guessing. Right now, the evidence we have is video showing regular bolas work on owls. Would need someone to confirm, not guess, that bolas work and that they don't work on Owls anymore. There are too many variables right now with bolas being broken to confirm whether or not they work on Owls. Unless, of course, a dev weighs in.
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