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  1. If youve nothig to say WC Dont say it Another pointless crunch!
  2. These crunches, recently, have become like a broken pencil.....pointless
  3. Forget discussing silly evo events Fix the 60+ missing NA official servers You get kicked from the game ....you cant rejoin coz the damn map has disappeared!....hours later it reappears and you fund you have lost your dino, character and gear!......NOT GOOD ENOUGH WC
  4. No news again!....these crunches are pointless....WC ...fix the priblem of missing NA Rag and Extinction servers in the session lists!
  5. This has been going on for weeks now....why isnt it fixed?!
  6. Official Extinction 1034 is down and missing in session list And i thought this was one of the more stable servers Your hardware is crap WC!
  7. The only players crying over dino transfers to Extinction are those tribes that have pillored the maps up so much that it's impossible for us legit players to trap and tame wild Dinos. Well done WC you have levelled the playing field. P.S please look into the debilitating DCing on official dedicated ....its a tad annoying
  8. All you WC apologists....keep checking back to see if you get a bite Deadlines r Deadlines
  9. Carnovore.....stop apologising for wild card with your pseudo technical crap....people are miffed at the missed deadline and not what you think is the reason A deadline is a deadline and wc should not state one if they can never hit it
  10. Think I'm gonna spend my elsewhere....not WC
  11. I was at VB last year. I was the only person in the bay living in a 2x1 wooden shed and it dashboarded every 20 mins ....so the idea that players buildings cause the crash doesn't hold water....I now avoid the place
  12. After these updates I've gone from dashboarding on Rag every 20 minutes to a new record ...a precise 10 minutes without fail This doesn't happen at all on Official Island 27 ...so why on Official Rag?? A good game ruined
  13. Na it hasn't fixed it....I'm still on 20 minute dashboarding
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