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  1. Shelton76

    Dedicated Server

    If I rent a server from Nitrado, would i still have to run another console? I'm also a little new to the whole hosting servers this is effectively the first game I have played like this. How exactly does it work, if you wouldn't care to explain?
  2. Shelton76

    Dedicated Server

    I am new to the game and would like to set up a game my friend and I can play with no interruptions. Upon reading the best way I can tell is to do a dedicated server, or obvious reasons. My question is, due to the fact that I can't find any topic on it, have they came out with the ability to host a dedicated server from a PC for a Xbox? I don't want to buy another console, but I already have a PC. If this is possible what are the pros and cons? Also is there any price tag with it. I have read a few things about Nitrado hosted servers that you can purchase is this the same thing?