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  1. !New Nitrado PVP server! Looking to build an active community on a brand new 32 slot Nitrado server. About the server. Our server, while boosted in order to give players the best experience while playing, uses very carefully thought out rates in order to provide grindless fun while still remaining fairly balanced. The server aims to have a friendly atmosphere while still providing all the fun of a PvP environment, this, however, means that we ask our players to follow a small handful of rules in order to provide an enjoyable experience for all of our server patrons. Admin logging is enabled to ensure that nobody gets an unfair advantage. We currently use The Island, however, we might change to abberation once it is released if the community votes for it. The Rules. New Tribes have a 24 hour Grace period Max tribe size of 5 people No blocking caves No full wipes or killing passive tames The Rates. XP - x30 Harvest - x15 Taming - x25 Breeding - x100 Unlimited carry weight for players/dinos Improved drop item quality How to Join. Joining us is simple. Just search for [EU] CeeJonesy. Make sure session filter is set to "Unofficial PC Sessions". Discord. We also have a discord server so that you will be able to easily contact the server staff. https://discord.gg/t9X7Gep